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He’s Trying To Kill Me!

Just as most adults should, Shawn went to visit the doctor for his yearly visit.  He has to go because he has high blood pressure but is on medications to prevent issues.  As part of that exam they run lab work to check various levels, not unusual for anyone on medications.  However, a couple of his labs came back high.  One we expected (cholesterol) and the other was a surprise (blood sugar).  With his levels, the primary treatment is diet and exercise to see if that can control both.  I’m not discussing these labs (or diagnosis) until we have done the follow-up visit doing the labs again.  The doctor has given him three months to control it with diet and exercises.  Which actually won’t be hard soon!

Between late November and late February Shawn is laid off.  This is a normal thing.  It happens every year with his line of work.  Which changes the way he eats as well as his activity level.  He allows himself a bit of a break at the beginning, which I don’t blame him.  Typically, he will begin doing moderate walking once January hits.  Then he picks it up more in February to prepare for returning to work.  Except for this year–

When he got his results he began doing a daily walk– typically over two miles a day (he walks MUCH more in a day at work).  He has been trying to watch what he eats.  He started a little earlier this year but he is doing great with it!  But on my days off, I have been joining him.  For the same of weight loss in my case

I missed the first several days of the walking program.  The program that he’s using gradually gets harder and harder.  I joined in on the 4th day of this particular program.  These walks just about kill me!  Not even my legs as much as my lungs.  I will be missing quiet a few days because of work.  I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow so I can skip the walk.  I hope his walk tomorrow doesn’t step it up to much for the next day when I do have to walk again!

Shawn gets his net lab drawn in April.  He returned to work either late February or early March.  I’ll share more after his next appointment.  We both really hope that the return to work will bring his levels back down to normal.

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