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He Broke What?

This Feb we have had some unusually warm weather.  So on occasion our boys will get off their electronics.  Where they promptly go outside to play various activities.  For Caleb, it is typically a sport and he typically gets hurt.  This time he did it good! 😉

Caleb really enjoys basketball but that tends to hurt his ankles.  So he went out to play football instead.  Which isn’t much safer in itself but that’s neither here nor there.  From what I’ve been told, they were playing the “safe” version (two-hand touch).  But Caleb needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap.

Now as I tell this story, remember that I am getting my information from a 15-year old.  Who knows what the 100% truth is.  Caleb says he and some friends were playing football when a younger child ran out in front of him.  Caleb was running pretty fast and didn’t want to hurt the younger child.  He stopped suddenly which locked his knee.  He heard/felt it pop.  Then he went down for awhile.  His friends had to help him home but he says that he was on the ground for awhile.  So for awhile I was letting him just lay with his leg up and on ice.  However, between the swelling and the fact he heard/felt a pop, I was a bit worried.  But I didn’t want to rush to the ER even though they have the MRI machine.  I decided to go ahead and go to urgent care (even though I knew it could only do x-rays– which can’t see ligaments or tendons).  I figured I could get guidance on if the ER was actually necessary.

I honestly felt like we were blown off by our provider.  Now you must keep in mind that I work where I took him (it’s free because we have insurance through my employer).  But I was very disappointed with his approach.  It is pretty standard to get an x-ray in certain situations, so our tech got the x-ray after triage.  The provider didn’t think it was necessary when he heard the injury.  However, my main frustration actually came with the provider stating his knee wasn’t swollen and that he was very flexible.  His knee was obviously swollen prior to going in.  Yes, he is flexible (he’s grossly flexible honestly) but he was hurting.  I also always encourage my children to grin and bare it (classic medical field mom problems).  Pain is a part of our human existence– now, sometimes it does need attention but sometimes it is needed to heal.  All that was to say– no he didn’t scream in pain when the provider touched him.  The truth is, he gets very quiet when he hurts (this is something we have in common).  So the provider didn’t think he was really in pain.  He eventually just let us go but he did give us an ACE wrap because he was limping.  He didn’t wrap it but did give us a new roll.

We were home with his knee wrapped and elevated.  We had given ibuprofen and ice as well.  However, at this point we got a call to tell us that Caleb had a broken patella (knee cap).  Honestly, I’m not sure if the provider even looked at his x-ray when we were there (because he said the x-ray wasn’t necessary).  But either way, I then got some confusing information.  On the phone I was told to keep him from bending it and to not bear weight on it.  I told the provider I would be in to get a note for school (for PE).  When I got there I picked up the x-ray CD, the report, and the medical excuse.  But then he told me he could do whatever, that the only reason he couldn’t do the stairs at school was because it would hurt.  But they would arrange an ortho referral.  He still said the ACE wrap was enough.

I did consult with some nurse friends about it, who suggested a better knee brace (which I bought).  Can I just say– he was in less pain with the better one.  I was very happy I bought it for him!

Believe me when I say– I will be following up with the referral.  Hopefully it will not take to long.  Until the ortho referral poor Caleb isn’t able to go to school (he can’t climb the stairs all day long and the campus is more like a college campus with buildings all spread out).  I’ve got to get him back at school as soon as possible.

*  I use “provider” because we use both nurse practitioners and physicians, so “providers” covers whichever person we visit with.

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