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They Let Me Down

I hate to complain about where I work from a patient point of view.  For the most part, I beleive we do great with patient care.  They really dropped the ball with this one.

You see, we open at 8 AM.  I know we sometimes have people waiting prior to opening.  So I waited until 9-ish to ask my manager what the status was of our referral.  My answer was far from expected (she wasn’t in the office and the nurse that she told me to contact takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R).  So, I called our primary care.  I honestly love our PCP.  I called at 10:15 and they got us in at 10:45.  I’m very impressed with how it all went!

His PCP immediately went to look at his x-rays and listened to my conerns about how everything was handled.  He said he saw the fracture.  He put him in a whole different brace (more immobilized) and gave him crutches.  He did get him an appointment with a sports doctor.  In fact, he had an appointment the next day.

By the end of the day– I still didn’t hear anything about our referral from the urgent care.  I’m very happy I decided to get ahold of our PCP.  Caleb is still out of school until the sports doctor appointment but at least we are going the right direction.

Guess I will share more about this adventure soon!

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