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Ruined Plans

We don’t get much time away from our teenagers.  Not overnight anyways.  Now I saw a perfect oppertunity to do an overnight getaway.  Shawn was still laid off– and we hadn’t recieved our week warning (like we typically get) so I requested the 13th and 14th off work.  I reserved a hotel room in the area.

But because I was looking forward to this– my luck had to change.  Shawn came into my work to tell me he got word of his return to work date.  He was returning the first weekday after they told us, Monday (the 13th).  This is the first time we ever had a weekend notice for his return to work.  But with him now working, it meant we couldn’t do our getaway as planned.

Do you know how disappointed I was?  But I can only be so dissapointed because getting back to work is important.  We have to adjust to a lot when you live the two to three months on unemployment (different pay schedule and different pay amounts).  So we are glad to have a return to work date…

Even if it ruined my plans!

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