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Sports Medicine

We went to get a final verdict on Caleb’s patella (knee cap).  Well, I thought it was going to be the final verdict.  But things never go as planned exactly.  
Do you remember my initial concern?  Well, we are back to that one again!
While at the sports doctor, they gave Caleb a very thorough exam.  When we first arrived he still had his brace on.  When his brace is on the compression keeps his swelling down.  But by the time the provider checked the x-ray CD and came back it had puffed back up.  He did a lot of checking on movements in his knees (both of them).  Then I got the news I didn’t expect.  
He started by showing me the x-ray (I hadn’t seen it yet because my computer doesn’t have a CD drive).  He explained that he was going to do comparison x-rays but didn’t feel it was necessary.  He showed me what was thought to be the fracture or it might actually be an extra bone.  But even if it is actually a fracture, he says that it will heal itself with the treatment from his other problem.  Then explained he is much more worried about the ACL.  He explained that his knee feels as though it is torn.  It has a lot of fluid in his knee.  It also had a lot of bruising (I thought I saw some bruising but then when I tried to find better light, it wasn’t there… but it was there and much larger than I thought).  But it was really the feel that made him think this.  But we have to get an MRI on his knee to determine the next step.
If it is torn, we will probably have surgery this summer.  He said we could safely wait so he doesn’t have to miss school.  For now, he switched out the brace with yet another one.  He will wear this brace until summer if torn.  He will remain on crutches for a couple weeks (at least until follow-up).  Hopefully we get the ball rolling quickly to at least have a plan.

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