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Semi-Solid Plans?

Our liquid plans seem to be getting more solid.  We weren’t quiet sure it would happen.  But it seems like it is happening, finally.

If all goes as planned– we will be moving soon.  We are speaking like in August.  Of course it depends on the build process.  If there is a delay in the other family member’s build process– it will delay our move as well.

But with papers signed and the build starting soon, it seems that we can start doing some planning.  You know– picking paint colors and carpet.  Picking out some new furniture (probably).  Oh and designing bedrooms.  I might be a little excited (even if my mind is telling me it’s time to move).

I have no idea where to even start with planning another move.  Or even planning the semi-adult bedrooms.  Thinking about how to make adult-themed shared rooms really stressed me out.  I suppose it is time to really start getting rid of stuff.  No need to move all the extra stuff.  Our trash in the city is very picky about how much it picks up so we will need to start early!

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