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In A Heartbeat

In a heartbeat we were all reminded how quickly life can change.  How quickly life can end, even when life is young.  Sometimes you know it’s coming and sometimes it takes you by surprise.  I don’t believe that either way is “easy” when you are dealing with such a loss.

When you hear about a young person, you really feel like you need to grab your children and hug them (even if your children are almost adults).  Hold them tight.  Thank your lucky stars your child is here.  That reguardless of what challenges you face, you are luck enough to not be facing loss.

Over the weekend our neighborhood was rocked by the death of a young girl.  An unexpected death.  A death that happened right in the same area she lived in.  Just blocks from her house– just blocks from her friends’ houses.  In all honesty, I think there are many questions that will never be answered.

Matt’s school will be having extra support staff (where the young girl went to school as well).  Matt knew her and I believe Caleb miht have known her.  At the very least, Caleb was friends with her boyfriend last year (but they aren’t close now anymore).  I hope the children at school use their resources that are avaliable to them.  I’m sure they have questions themselves in addition to the grief they will feel itself.

My heart is really going out to her parents (the whole family really).  Based on how they are investigating, they will probably have many questions.  Most of these will probably have no answers.  I know some of these questions but I was lucky, I got a second chance– I got some answers.  But it honestly sent me to a very bad place mentally before I was able to get answers.  It was really a process given my anxiety and my flashbacks.  I hope they can find a place of comfort in the future.

I want to take a moment to remind everyone– if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, reach out for help!  If you don’t have anyone to talk to– or don’t know where to turn please call the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 (open 24 hours a day)!  Save a life!

Also, please remember to play carefully!  Don’t go play in abandoned places or places that have been safeguarded from entry.  It is not only illegal but it is dangerous.  Don’t try to outsmart the safety systems– it’s there for a reason and sure you can always outsmart any system but it doesn’t mean you should.  Don’t give into peer pressure and think you have safety in groups when doing these things.  You aren’t safer just because someone is watching you or dared you to.  IF something goes wrong– everyone has questions and everyone has guilt.  In some cases, people get into trouble too.  Please tell a trusted adult if someone is doing something you know is dangerous.  Save a life!

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