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He Did A Good Job!

The sports doctor appointment started a lot of chaos.  I really wasn’t expecting so much to happen so quickly.  It was like a snowball rolling down a hill.  I have an observation about insurance I will address sometime.  But anyways back to today…

For this visit, we went to a different office but we arrived right on time.  I planned on being early but the trip took me longer than I planned.  Plus figuring out where we were going once we arrived.  I was surprised when the lady open the door as we were walking up.  She called us by last name (Caleb’s, not mine) so I knew she was getting the right person.  We weren’t in the back long before the doctor came in.

As you would expect, he did his exam with movement.  Before dropping the bomb.  Caleb did rupture his ACL.  He also might have a tear in another tendon and a flip in his tissue that is cushioning.  So he has some repairing to get done.  We are still looking into when we will be doing surgery.  Our diagnosing doctor doesn’t do the surgeries (which I knew) so he wants us to go across the river.  The surgeons over here don’t do a lot on young people.  He felt more comfortable with going where they do younger people, so across the river we go.  Now before we move to much farther, I got our appointment set up for the next doctor’s appointment.  We should know more about when the surgery will be after that appointment.  We see him next week.

He is also scheduling Caleb with PT (physical therapy).  He is suppose to get PT two to three times a week.  He is suppose to get PT two to three times a week for the next 6-8 weeks.  I called today to set up our appointment.  He actually was able to get in today!  He did really well today.  We saw where he needs improvement.  We are trying to help him gain some strength prior to surgery (it’s a pre-hab program to increase strength and movement prior to surgery to make recovery easier).  They decided we would do two days a week for 6-8 weeks… three days was a little bit more than they wanted to do because his program for pre-hab is light work (he starts heavy work after the surgery itself).  I’m nervous about his progress because he doesn’t really like to have “homework” and they give you exercises to do at home.  Guess I’ll keep pushing him to do them but it’s so hard with teenagers that aren’t little kids anymore.

Our last appointment that was needed was to get him a brace.  It will be customized because he needs to be stabilized more but has very thin “chicken legs”.  They are very long but very thin.  So, I think we are doing that tomorrow– but I’m waiting to hear about a for sure time.  I don’t know when this brace comes in or if it is instant.  Guess we will find that out tomorrow.  Now only does he need it prior to surgery but he would need the brace following the repair.

I’m discovering two things at this point–

  1.  It is hard to try to schedule everything around my work.  I’m so torn on what I can do when and I feel bad about that.  This is the master conflict of a working mom.
  2. I’m also wishing this was during the summer.  Then his current PT wouldn’t be so hard to “squeeze” in.  I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping his grades up while balancing his health.  Plus making sure he misses the minimal amount for appointments– when places are really only open during the weekdays.
This is so much stress for my brain right now– trying to work around school for Caleb and work for me, while trying to make sure we can get appointments scheduled as soon as possible.  Plus, I’m still trying to make it so that Caleb is able to do his visitation this summer– but his grades and progress in school is more important than leaving for the summer (honestly) because visitation can still be arranged around (like, changing it to people coming this direction instead of him having to be away).

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