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I am officially at 1-month post e-day!  I have decided I would just do an update on the topic once a month for a bit.  With being at a moth mark I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.  Grab a cup of hot chocolate!

From the get-go, I have been told this journey ends in only two ways–

    1. people love their new teeth and how they feel –or–
    2. people hate their new teeth and how they feel.
There really isn’t an in-between.  If I was to be honest– I’m really hoping I can get on a better track with it soon.  If I judged now– I would be on the hate side.  But I really want it to be all sunshine and rainbows by now.  I am trying to stay positive and convince myself it can be better yet.  
Week one was difficult.  I expected this though.  When you think that they just pulled out a LOT of teeth.  Teeth that weren’t “loose” but were damaged.  Those are going to hurt and those have to heal.  But if I was to be honest with you, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I’m not sure if it was that I thought it would be worse or maybe because the openings weren’t “open”.  They were covered by my partials which seems to have protected them in some manner.
At week two, I began with my adjustments.  I was immediately very happy with how everything turned out.  I couldn’t imagine how much better it all fit.  I had one problem with the angle of the adjustment.  It was cutting my tongue but they got it fixed the next day.  So week two was more comfortable and I was finally able to say good-bye to having ibuprofen daily (my work hours are long and I can’t just go take out my partials, so I was taking ibuprofen while I was at work often).
I was convinced that week three the struggle was over.  I could be happy with my partials.  I was able to use glue on my partials so they felt really secure.  I wasn’t in any pain.  I was learning to eat again (even if I never made it to real solids).  I really thought I was out of the woods.
Boy was I wrong!  Week four had challenges I wasn’t ready for.  I guess maybe because I thought I wouldn’t have pain anymore.  Out of nowhere my bottom gum started hurting.  In a place it hadn’t ever hurt before.  No cushioning with glue helped either.  It got so severe, I ended up leaving them out when I went to work a couple days.  All together, I’m so uncomfortable that I just can’t handle it.  I am guessing that the problem is some of the little bony pieces are trying to work their way out of my gums.  But right at the moment, I can’t tell if it is that or if it is something more like the way my bones and gums are adjusting and it’s a permanent thing.  Whichever it is, it is really making my partials fit poorly.
Now, I am holding onto hope that my partials CAN fit great again (like they did for the week) but only because I still have a soft reline avaliable.  So, I could be doing another adjustment with a soft reline.  I’m really nervous that it won’t really work.  I need to double check when they can do the soft reline (I think they told me at least 6 weeks out).  But I am kind of hoping that I can combine that with the one other tooth that they need to fix (one of my real teeth).
There you have it!  I’m still not at sunshine and rainbows but I hope that I can get there still.  I guess I feel very sad because I have been watching and reading other people.  But it feels like they are really liking their teeth at this point.  I’m just not there– not now.  I thought I was.

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