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Feb Resolutions Results

I failed horribly with this month’s resolutions.  Even with adjusting my goals, I think I did worse accomplishing anything.  It is time to share my final results and more importantly say good-bye to February.

  • Track spending/bills.
    • I did find a worksheet that I really like.  I’m using it this month but not as broken-down as it will be.  I have major goals financially.  But at least we have it set up for March!
  • Put 2% of all income into savings.
    • I stopped putting the amount into savings each week.  I’m doing a big transfer at the end of the month.  I also do one more transfer with the goal below.  But that is goign to be transferred today.
  • Put additional 25% into savings based on total.
    • You can see above for notes.  This will actually be transferred tomorrow.
  • Research/purchase prepaid credit card.
    • I didn’t do this at all this month.  I put it on the list for the next month though.
  • Make a list of bad debt for both adults.
    • This one was an easy one.  I do have to add a few more that aren’t on the list but we will get there, working on the ones affecting our family first.
  • Read 3 books.
    • Complete fail!  I don’t think I even flipped a page.  Which is really sad because I love to read.
  • Post 1 “plan with me”.
    • No plan with me’s at all.  I have been searching for some new stickers but I have been putting off my purchase because I want to save money!
  • Complete 4 doula assignments.
    • I don’t even know why this is still on here.  The doula class I was taking, I stopped for now.  I might get my certification through them after I do my certification with this other “live” class.  But I will make a full post on that soon.
  • Do a weekly weigh-in every Wednesday.
    • Again, a big fat fail.  I really have no explanation.  I can only say why weigh-in if I’m not doing anything actively to loose weight.
  • Do 3 “story time” posts.
    • No story time!  I have the thought but never get to the actual writing.
  • Create a cleaning routine.
    • Failed!  But I did do some major cleaning lately to get me started.  Maybe I will find a routine next month.
  • Create a night-time skincare/healthy routine.
    • I’m on somewhat of a routine.  But really only when it comes to my partials.  I really need to get better at it all as a whole.

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