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March 2, 2017

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That Time We Bought A Car | Storytime

As adults, Shawn and I both came into this relationship with vehicles.  We also came into this relationship with children.  I came into this relationship with three kids and Shawn came in with two kids.  Full-time we had four kids at home.  But both our vehicles only held a max of 5 people.  So, our base family is 6.  It didn’t take long before we began to think about a bigger car.  As a larger family, it is possible to take two cars but who really wants to pay twice as much on gas and parking.  I prefer to travel together anyways.

It took us awhile to actually make the jump.  Mostly because we just didn’t want to commit to payments.  Eventually it became necessary.  So it began researching loans.  Before I continue to far into my story, you should know that we decided on a loan prior to even going shopping.  We didn’t want various hard hits on our reports.  I already knew that many sales people will hit at least once– but often more than once.  They will automatically run it through every company they partner with.  This way we were prepared going in.

We arrived at one of the local partner dealers of our loan company.  We had looked online and we had picked something we liked.  But we also had an open mind.  They gave us a paper that asked what we wanted vs what we needed in a car.  We didn’t have a lot of wants– we had a need.  We had ONE need.  It had to have 6 seats (or better known most often as a third row of seats).  We arrived with our loan information too.  We signed papers for them, which they claimed were standard for our loan company.  I had asked about one form because it gave permission for a credit check.  We had already done one and didn’t need another one.  They explained that they just needed it on file for our loan because there wasn’t a paper copy.

In the end we found out they only had one vehicle which met our need.  They failed to tell us that the vehicle didn’t meet the requirements of our loan company.  The vehicle was a year to old, about 100 miles over the limit, and overpriced by at least $1000.  He had just told us that he was going to go work on the paperwork (not that there was a problem at all).  We were waiting for over two hours without being updated about any of the process.  During this time, he had my original paperwork for our loan and he wouldn’t come back out of the office.  As we sat there, we both notification we had hard hits again.  I wasn’t very happy about this– but again– he never stepped foot out of his office.

When he finally came back out he explained that none of their loan companies would approve THAT vehicle.  I have no idea how they planned on selling it when it didn’t meet the requirements of any of their companies.  But essentially, they ran our credit with 5-7 separate companies.  Before just telling us that vehicle wasn’t going to work.  We could have went elsewhere if they had just told us that, without them further damaging our credit more.

But my favorite part was when he approached us and said “we have you approved for several of our 5-seater vehicles”.  Ummm… I didn’t ask for them to find me a car that didn’t fit our NEED and run my credit over and over for them to find one.  They knew it wasn’t what we needed– they had that in writing.  In an attempt not to be a super b*tch, I just calmly looked at him and asked him “where are we putting our extra kid– on the roof?”.  Even after all of that, he still wouldn’t give us our original paperwork and continued to try to get us to purchase this other vehicle.  I left my boyfriend and the few kids that went with us inside while I went outside to discuss the issues with my loan company.  They were very quick to find us another location to use our approval.  Since the initial company wouldn’t give us our papers back they faxed over the details to the new dealership and told us we could print the new certificate off there.  I was able to go in and get my boyfriend and the kids that went with us.  I left our salesman at the table just stating that we were told to go somewhere else.

I want to end my story with a bit of good news– the next place we went worked our wonderfully.  No extra credit checks– no messing around– and no wait.  They had 4 or 5 cars lined up for us to check out.  We also left with a new vehicle that day!

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