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March 15, 2017

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March Mid-Month Progress

I guess that it is time for a mid-month update on how I am doing with my resolutions for March.  I think it is crazy how fast March has been flying by!

  1. Put 3% of all income into savings.  I don’t really do anything with this until the end of the month.  I might figure it out on paper– but I haven’t been pulling anything before the end of the month.
  2. Put 25% additional into savings based off total added to savings.  This is the same as the previous point.  In fact, it isn’t possible for me to know this amount until after we have figured up all the other savings for the month.
  3. Read 1 book, starting at the beginning.  I haven’t found a book I enjoy at all.  I attempted to get into a few but they haven’t held my attention at all.
  4. Do at least 1 family challenge on my vlog channel.   I haven’t been doing any challenges on my channel.  I have however been doing a lot of vlogging.
  5. Do 1 “plan with me” post.  Haven’t even started this yet.  I haven’t even been doing my planner at all right now.  I’ve just been using my work schedule to keep track of everything.
  6. Create a cleaning routine based on work schedules.  I’m trying to work on this but I haven’t really found one that works for us.  This might be because I have been so sick.  I’m easily drained– so getting onto a normal schedule has been challenging.
  7. Pick 1 bad debt and begin paying it off.  I have decided to wait until we get our taxes filed to begin this– the paperwork for our big year has been crazy!
  8. Do 2 “story time” posts.  I have done one– not sure what to make the second one just yet.
  9. Research/purchase prepaid credit card.  Again, I’m waiting until we file our taxes to do this.  But I’m hoping my method will really help our credit in the long run.
  10. Complete my “Road to Hana” virtual race by the end of the month.  I’m down to about 10 miles remaining.  I’m really excited to have it done.  I feel great watching those miles fall off (if only the pounds would come off with it)!

So, that’s where I am standing at the moment… hopefully I will see more improvement by the end of the month!  I need to have a month where I am ahead with my resolutions.  I haven’t done well the last couple months so it is time for my come back.

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