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March 25, 2017

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Another One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days that you were just infuriated by the events of the day?  You know the ones where you saw it coming but you were trying your hardest to stay positive about it.  Yeah– today was one of THOSE days.

I knew it was going to be crap at work today.  I didn’t know this because it was a Friday.  I know that those can change by the day.  There isn’t a rhyme or reason behind when we have a lot of people and when we have fewer people.  I know everyone thinks that we should know when our peak hours are– but that’s just not how it works in healthcare.  I knew this because I had been asked previously in the week by text message if I could cover a mid-shift.  At my “home” office.  But I was already scheduled to work the full-shift at my “home” office.  I can’t be two people so that wasn’t possible.  I knew she wasn’t going to be able to find anyone else to fill in that shift.  Our “home” office has been worked to death with extra hours.  So, I had a pretty good idea that when I came in for my shift, I was going to be alone for the whole thing.  Which isn’t always as bad as it might sound.  But you’re suppose to have a manager who will stand behind you.

But before I even arrived at work I had received a text to let me know that my manager wasn’t going to be in until half way through the day.  My manager might not be able to register a patient (even though this should be something that she should be able to do easily).  But she can answer a phone while I’m doing my tasks.  It’s hard to be on a call-back and have the phone ringing without anyone to answer it.  But it’s really rude for me to put someone on hold after I’ve called them.  Or hang up when the phone has rang 3-4 times but hasn’t made it to the voicemail yet, then having to call again because I had to take a phone call.  Or to take 5 extra minutes trying to register a patient because the phone keeps ringing.  Essentially, her two rolls when there is only one of us at the front office is to discharge patients (give them their discharge papers and track their scripts) and to pick up the phone.  There isn’t anything else that she knows how to do.  So, it’s not demanding but it really helps out those that are having face-to-face interactions with the patients we are seeing.

You know, I was still going to face this day with a positive attitude.  Because I AM capable of doing my job, and doing it well even when I’m alone.  However, what really set it off for me was the follow-up text.  Which she had to start typing as soon as she sent the previous text about her not being in until noon.  Her follow-up text confirmed what I had already assumed would have happened.  That my mid-shifter wasn’t going to be in at all today.  Like I said, I assumed that this would happen so I was prepared.  But what really set it off for me was that she KNEW that we were short staffed.  She KNEW this two days before the day it happened.  She KNEW she couldn’t find anyone to cover the mid-shift.  But yet, she thought it would be a great idea to not come in until noon.  I’ve never had to work with a manager who think so…. selfishly.

But I went into work positively toward the rest of my team.  I would need them to help me out where they could (be it giving discharge papers and tracking medication) or just answering a phone.  I was lucky enough to have a team that I work well with.  They really made the day better for me.  Because I was able to make it through my morning with their help, it really helped me to be able to deal with other people when they finally decided to show up.  When they started talking about things that have nothing to do with what’s going on and that I didn’t have time to discuss (I was busy).  I was able to pull through the 4-5 hours that the manager was actually there without anything other issues.  Without speaking my mind (to much).

I haven’t been so happy to see 8:08 PM in such a long time.  I was ready to go home and rest.  Ready to free my mind of all that is related to work!  It was time for a break– and I’ve got several days.  But overall, I think it’s just a lot of stress in my life right now.  It’s not just about work though– there is a lot going on with doctor’s visits and everything.  It’s crazy!  To bad life doesn’t turn off at 8:08 PM.

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