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March 31, 2017

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March Resolution Outcomes

Well, another month has come to an end.  Tomorrow a new one will begin.  I have to say that this month has been a big, fat fail.  All I can say is I will try harder next month!

  1. Put 3% of all income into savings.  I didn’t do my deposits for this month yet.  Honestly, I haven’t even went through to figure up how much should be transferred.  I’m going to try to get this done the next time I had a day off work.
  2. Put 25% additional into savings based off total added to savings.  Without the work from the previous transfers, I can’t transfer in the additional amount.  I’ll have to figure this up and add it to the savings next time I’m off work.
  3. Read 1 book, starting at the beginning.  I never found a book that would hold my interest long enough to actually read it.  I’m going to do a little research before picking the book for next month and just see what’s suppose to be good and make myself read it!
  4. Do at least 1 family challenge on vlog channel.  I did a bit of vlogging but we didn’t do any family challenges this month.  This might be something I look at adding if the family is interested.  So far, they just haven’t seemed like they want to do anything with this kind of stuff anymore.
  5. Do 1 “plan with me” post.  Yeah, I went through the whole month without planning ANYTHING.  Not a day– not a week– not even a month.  Just looked at my work schedule and my appointments and went from there.  I need to order some more stickers so that I can do some more planning.
  6. Create a cleaning routine based on work schedules.  I failed at this one completely.  Hopefully, I will get this some kind of schedule set up soon.  I feel like I need it more than ever.
  7. Pick 1 bad debt and begin paying it off.  I’m putting this one off until we actually get our taxes competed and find out what is being returned (if any).  I will be using a portion of that to pay off a little but I also have other plans that we are going to try to improve everything.
  8. Do 2 “story time” posts.  I actually have 1 thing that I accomplished!  I did post 2 story time posts.  You can check them out here and here!
  9. Research/purchase prepaid credit card.  I’m putting this one off until we figure out our taxes as well.  This will be hopefully one of the things to help improve things all around for us!
  10. Complete my “Road to Hana” virtual race by the end of the month.  I did finish this race before the deadline.  I’m really excited. I actually finished with a day to spare.  Hopefully I’ll have my reward to show you soon!  I can’t wait!  I have picked out another one for next month already too. 

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