April Resolutions

It’s that time again!  Time to make some resolutions for the new month.  I have made them VERY straight-forward.  They are defined instead of being loosy-goosy.  I’m hoping that having them more defined will help me accomplish them easier.  So, here we go!!

  1. Put 4% of each income into savings (made in two deposits).
  2. Put additional 25% based on total transferred into savings for the month (made in one deposit at the end of the month).
  3. Start & complete the “Race to Oz” (26.2 miles).
  4. Read “To Catch A Killer” by Sheryl Scarborough.
  5. Make an updated list of debts for both adults.
  6. Create a cleaning routine based on work schedule.
  7. Do two story-time posts.
  8. Do one “plan-with-me” post.
  9. File our taxes (before deadline).
  10. Purchase all required reading books for doula class.
  11. Track bills to determine monthly living expenses.
  12. Do one “haul” post.

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