Growing Up So Fast

Our high schools have a uniform style dress code.  I don’t want to give out to much detail (for everyone’s protection).  But essentially it is “professional wear”.  Not clothes you wear for everyday wear.

With high school boys, they grow very quickly.  So, it’s time to do some new school pants.  In our case we outgrew pants and the one pair that fit great got a very big rip in them.  This is pretty common because dress pants aren’t made to be rough in.

Today I took Shawn with me to get Caleb some new pants.  The pair we bought (that fit but ripped) was still in the “boy” sizes.  Honestly being a woman, I’ve never had to learn “man” sizes.  I know the size I need to get and I get that one.  I’ve never had to figure out a “man” size.  I’m so glad that Shawn was there.  He was able to help me pick out his new size.

Everything we bought today was from the men’s section.  Shawn told me that I had to let Caleb grow up sometime.  But that means I only have one little left.  He’s not even really “little” as he is a teenager.  He’s just small for his age.

I can’t believe how fast the kids are growing up.  We really are getting closer and closer to the end.

I’m just hoping the adults I’m raising turn into responsible people.  That’s my goal– responsible, productive, and respectful adults.  But I’m not ready for this job to be over.  I feel like I still have work to do.

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