Working On Cleaning Routine

I haven’t ever been one to really have routines.  I think it is because my life just has been changing so much.  Really just crazy things like teenage work schedules being added and changing.  So I haven’t really found any routines that work.  But with moving into a house that we will probably be staying in– I would like to have some working routines.  You will see in my monthly resolutions I’m going to be spend this month really focusing on a cleaning routine.

I find cleaning routines are hard to follow– because of my work schedule and also because of my husband.  My work schedule is always different.  Shawn’s work schedule occasionally has days where he has a weird day off.  This mostly happens when the weather is bad.  Or in the winter when he is laid off.  While I thrive on lists, Shawn doesn’t.  While I like to plan days in advance, Shawn is very spontaneous.

Now I dislike spontaneous cleaning.  In fact, I dread any spontaneous cleaning.  I hate cleaning without a plan.  I guess that is part of my OCD.  In many ways, I dislike that about myself.  But Shawn is very much okay with just doing something.  This is where things get a little murky with routines.  I will make a plan– then Shawn will clean something I didn’t plan on being cleaned– it changes what I had planned for the day.  So then I have to re-do my plan for the day I originally figured I would do a room or a task.

The other challenge is my own work schedule.  I can’t set certain days for certain tasks.  It was easy when I could make a task or room assigned per day.  When it was always the same.  I knew what to expect and it didn’t change.  My work now is at least 12 hour shifts, which is great from the days off stand point.  But it makes planning harder.  My days I work change so much.  So I can’t just pick Mon= kitchen, Tues= living room, etc.

I need to make a list of shorter times and longer times by room.  That way I can plan a routine per room then just plan around my schedule.  I’m hoping that will work.

I also need to make a list of tasks that need done daily or every other day.  Then plan that into a before and after work routine as well.

But this is just a quick explanation of why I have that resolution.  I have a few more routines I have to work in but this is a good start for me!

Now onto mu initial planning!!

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