We Have Surgery

It was time to take the hurt semi-adult to the city.  He needed to go visit with his surgeon.  Thankfully the weather meant Shawn was off work so he was able to go with me.  I was so glad because I didn’t want to drive!

The campus we went to was really strangely set up.  It has two stories up, a ground level, and a basement level.  The ground floor has a fancy entrance but not really anything else.  But I struggled to figure out which floor we were going to.  This is why I’m always early.  All the just in cases.  So we were fine in the end.  It actually turns out that the only thing they do at that campus is surgery.

Now part of using a teaching university hospital, you meet with residence (students).  This isn’t something that bothers me (because I’ve been there with my education).  Our particular student was nice and he showed us the MRI images.  He shared where the ACL damage was.  He wasn’t able to show us the rest.  He told us he was going into cardiology and so he wasn’t the best with the MRI’s of the knee.  Which was fine because he is learning and he wasn’t the one who was doing anything besides his initial exam.

The next step was seeing the actual doctor.  Who did the same exam and looked over the images.  I guess the biggest decision was which approach to take.  There are a couple decisions which have been made.  Mostly for growth purposes.  But I completely agree with what decisions have been made at this point.  Our biggest one was which screw they are using to do the repair with.  When they are young children, they for sure use a shorter screw.  As they stop growing, they use a longer screw.  The problem we faced was that Caleb is about the age to stop growing but he has a small area of growth plate left.  Which means he will potentially grow more (but we don’t know how much). So, we had to decide to use the shorter screw so that if he grows another inch or two he won’t have un-even legs.  I have to give up the more stable repair in exchange for this growth.  They will also be looking around while they are in there to check for more damage.  The MRI pointed to a couple thinks but with some unknown origins and such.  I guess some MIGHT have fixed themselves while we’ve been doing physical therapy the first time around.  So if there is any other damage that remains or they can find, they will repair that while they are in there.

Initially we were going to wait until summer to do his surgery.  However, the doctor didn’t really want to wait another month to get the repair done.  Combining that with the summer plans and the fact that he doesn’t have to miss as much school as we thought we would (two days plus a weekend), his surgery was moved up to the end of this month.

I’m pretty nervous.  I mean, I know that I’ve had a surgery since our last child had surgery but we had some complications last time.  Actually very serious complications when Laura had her tonsils taken out.  I’m sure it will go good.  I’m not sure of all the final details (like the time between surgery and when physical therapy starts).  I do know that his physical therapy time depends on how Caleb himself rehabs.  But that means we don’t even know how long that will be either.

We did discover that his knee cap isn’t broken.  Which the last doctor suspected.  This doctor confirmed it.  I will have to look into what they call his knee cap thing.  But his actual knee cap is completely fine.  He has an additional part essentially.

So our surgery date is April 27th.  We are pretty much set except for doing the pre-op instructions the day before!

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