I’m Walking– Will You Help?

I’m pretty excited to let everyone know something I am up to!  I’ve never really participated in any of these walks.  But this year, I’m going to b doing it.  I’ve chosen to do the Great Strides walk for CF (cystic fibrosis) in the metro Illinois area!

I’m doing this walk in honor of The Frey Life!  When it comes to the internet world… I spend a lot of time reading blogs and watching vlogs.  One of the families that I had started watching was a husband and wife couple plus their adorable service dog.  The wife has CF (cystic fibrosis).  At this point, she works very hard to ensure that she is doing everything she can to keep her lungs healthy.  Plus all the other problems that come with CF (because it causes many more issues than just the lungs).

This year, The Frey Life made a national team.  Great Strides arranges walks all around the US.  They raise funds for research and drug development to help CF patients.  I’m so excited to be able to do something good!  I would love to be able to do more good– in many more paths.  So, this is my start to that!

There are two walks that are really close to me.  One is in Edwardsville, Illinois.  The other is in St. Louis, Missouri.  I actually chose to participate in the Edwardsville walk this year!  I made our team part of The Frey Life’s national team.  I would like to take a moment to ask that you help our the CF community too!  There are several ways to do this so choose whichever one you would prefer!

If you are local to this area, you can join The Frey Life Team/Metro East Illinois by clicking here!
If you aren’t local to this area, you can become a virtual walker with The Frey Life/Metro East Illinois as well.  Use the same link above!

If you can’t make it to the walk, please consider donating to The Frey Life Team/Metro East Illinois by clicking here!  I have stuck with the basic goals but I would love to surpass the goal that I have set for each person, as well as a team!

Please consider sharing this post so that we can reach the goals!  Also so our team itself can reach it’s goal (I’d like to have 15 members to walk)!

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