Need Footwear For Work?

Shawn works with a lawn care company.  He has worked for lawn care companies since before we ever started dating.  I personally never looked at my yard and thought anything of it.  I never worried about how much it was watered.  I never worried about fertilizer.  I never worried about weed control (except for the sidewalks).  I never studied the types of grass were in my yard.  Nor really worried about bare spots in my yard.  The only thing I cared about was when it had to be mowed.  Shawn on the other hand enjoys this kind of stuff.  It was always weird to me.  Why do people care so much?  I still don’t know the entire reason– but it is nice when you’re yard doesn’t have bare spots that make mud puddles.  Now, Shawn doesn’t do mowing (except our own yard).  He does the fertilizing and such.  So he has to wear special shoes (well, waterproof work boots).

With Shawn’s previous company they supplied boots but they weren’t good at ordering them when they needed to be replaced.  So often times he was wearing boots with cracks.  When he switched companies, we had to purchase our own boots.  But they did offer reimbursement (up to a certain amount).  Shawn did ask around about what would be the best boots to purchase.  We were told about Bogs Footwear.  With the benefit being that they replace the boots if there are issues with them.  It is so hard to find boots that stand up to the work that he does– and doesn’t fall apart.  After spending a lot of money on them.

I have to tell you, they have been the best company I’ve ever worked with as far as exchanging!  We purchased the boots from Amazon.  We honestly paid the same price on Amazon but with our prime account it made it so that we got them with our two-day shipping.  Now, within a short time (6 months or so) Shawn had a crack in the side of his boots.  That means that his feet were getting soaked.  So, I called the customer service number to find out how to make a claim.  They were very quick to email me the information that I needed to submit.  I got it all submitted and they had a very quick turn around time for his boots to be mailed back out.

Now, I kept that email for future use so I wouldn’t have to worry about tracking it down if we needed it again.  I was hoping we wouldn’t need to do it again.  But the new pair didn’t last but another 6 months.  I just had to do another claim on them now (after I kept forgetting– because my memory sucks).  All I needed was new photos of the new cracks in his boots.  Submitted the claim.  I instantly got an email confirmation of the claim being made.  But it said it could take 7-10 days.  I was pleased that just like last time, I had a response within a day (actually within hours).

I’ve never had a company with such an easy claims process nor the process of getting a response.  Now, I’ve never had to escalate anything to a higher point because they have always done very well.  So, if you are ever in the market for some good quality work boots, check out Bogs Footwear!

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