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April 15, 2017

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April Mid-Month Resolutions

Time to hold myself accountable for my resolutions for this month!  But in all honestly, it isn’t going so bad.  I think making the goals more specific has really helped me out.  So, let’s see where I’m falling on as of now!

  1. Put 4% of each income into savings (made in two deposits).
    • I have been keeping up on my calculations.  I have the first amount to transfer ready to go.  It feels harder to transfer in the larger amounts.  It “hurts” more.  It felt much easier when the amounts were smaller.  But the math is much easier with the larger amounts.
  2. Put additional 25% based on total transferred into savings for the month (made in one deposit at the end of the month).
    • This is to be determined by our total.
  3. Start & complete the “Race to Oz” (26.2 miles). 
    • I started this “race” on the 7th of April instead of the 1st.  I couldn’t pay the fee for the race at the time.  But I got it started a few days late.  At this point I am on track to finish on time.  I am down to needing .82 miles per day in order to finish on time.  However, I also have my CF walk that I will be participating in which is 3 miles (that I haven’t included yet).
  4. Read “To Catch A Killer” by Sheryl Scarborough. 
    • I’ve really been doing well with this book!  Even though I have failed all the other times when I gave myself just a number of books to read a month.  I did loose a lot of sleep because I was getting caught up in the book.  So, I had to stop reading it at night when I had to work the next day.  But I do have a little extra time while I’m home with Caleb for recovery that I can hopefully get a bit of reading in.
  5. Make an updated list of debts for both adults.
    • I haven’t done this yet.  I need to do it soon but I’m hoping that this can be on my list for after Caleb’s surgery too.  I should have some time to go through and research it all.
  6. Create a cleaning routine based on work schedule.
    • I have pretty much given up on this one for this month.  The only routine I’ve managed to come up with is a feeding routine for the animals.  Mostly because Luka kept having accidents through the night.  Between everyone thinking they could just feed him however much they wanted and sometimes later feedings (mostly the first reason) it wasn’t working very well.  However, with the animals both on a routine for feeding at certain times (and certain amounts) it seems to have helped already.  I’m working on it all!
  7. Do two story-time posts.
    • I haven’t done either of these yet.  I’ll have to see if I can pull together two story-times.  It’s hard for me to come up with actual story-times that are very good.
  8. Do one “plan-with-me” post.
    • Since I just switched planners, I was not in a hurry to do a plan with me… however, I will try to get one done.  I’m still not sure how I am going to be doing my planning in the new one.  I want to get a new series of stickers but that will have to wait a little while.
  9. File our taxes (before deadline).
    • This is completed!  There has been some drama with it.  Which we have all our proof for and will have to finish up here in a little bit.  But for now, it’s completed.  I hate to say that I’m glad that we have all our proofs and that there shouldn’t be any question as far as settlement.
  10. Purchase all required reading books for doula class.
    • I haven’t completed this yet–  I’m working on a pretty small budget because things keep popping up.  Hopefully, by the end of next month I will have them all down so that I can get started on those readings as well.
  11. Track bills to determine monthly living expenses.
    • I’m not doing that this month.  We are now in the transition time for our bills.  Some now switch and go up and some go down.  But it’s so hard to tell with how they have been what an estimated living expense is.  I will work on this again soon!
  12. Do one “haul” post.
    • I did this on video already.  But I’m needing to do a photograph one for over here.  I don’t know when that will happen.  But hopefully I’ll have one to complete by the end of the month.  I know that I have shopping to do for our house before Caleb has his surgery.

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