So, if you didn’t know already… Starbucks released a promotional drink today.  Of course, with social media being what it is… we had to try it out!  Heck, Laura barely came in the door before she was asking if we could take a trip to Starbucks.  Which I had already planned on doing anyways (because it’s a nice treat for myself when it’s payday).  Today, we jumped on the unicorn bandwagon.

I generally always use the drive through at our local Starbucks of choice (in fact, that is WHY I choose that Starbucks).  The line for this drive through actually circles almost all the way around the building and aims out on this secondary street (not onto the busiest one).  I’ve never seen it reach all the way out to the secondary street and continue on.  But today it did (I have to imagine that they were selling these unicorn drinks like crazy).  So, instead of clogging up the secondary road (which also goes to a hotel) we went inside.  I’m glad that we did because there was only 1 other person ordering so the wait was much better.  But mostly, I was glad because Laura and I placed our orders for the unicorn (and Shawn ordered regular old cold brew).  Once they took our order and they prepared at least 5 others that were sitting inside waiting, they had to stop selling them!  They had run out of the mango syrup (which is one of the key ingredients).  I was so glad that we had managed to squeeze in one of the last two.  When it was put on the counter and my name was called… this is the beauty that bestowed me.

The one thing I have noticed about this drink is that everyone honestly tastes something different.  Now, I know that it is “flavor changing” but I believe the flavor change is from sweet to sour (and if you give it enough time, back to sweet… try it, I promise you it does).  But when I tried it– all I tasted was the mango.  Like a mango cream popsicle.  Laura didn’t really taste the mango but couldn’t identify exactly what she was tasting.  Shawn tried mine and though it tasted like the cotton candy one that he gets there.  Hailee thought it tasted like peaches (or mango) when she tried what I had left (after she got off work, see I promise it goes back to sweet).

The sour comes in with the blue swirl and the sprinkles in the whipped cream.  Can I just tell you that I HATE whipped cream?  I will avoid foods with whipped cream if there isn’t a flavor to overpower it.  But this time, I really enjoyed it.  Because it was completely sour!  I have to be honest, as much as I like sour– when this drink got to it’s most sour point I had to stop drinking it.  Because it made me thirsty and the only thing to drink was what was making me thirsty!  But it taste very good still.  That’s just how my body reacts to sour.  See the pretty sprinkles at the top though?!?!  They made the whipped cream amazing for me!

While I was glad that I was brave enough to try their new drink.  While I thought it was actually pretty good.  I don’t think that this is something I would get regularly.  I need my coffee (there isn’t any coffee in this version of their drink).  I also think that instead of a large drink, I would defiantly get the small instead of the large!  It was to much for me as a large.

Did you hop on the bandwagon and try the unicorn?  Do you plan on trying it if you haven’t already?  What did you think of it if you did try it?

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