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April 21, 2017


I’m Giving It

So, I wanted to make the jump… after I talked a little bit with Hippie Lady and then a few others who have their blogs posted on WordPress.  I didn’t decide to go this way very easily though!  It took me a lot of going back and forth.  Because I didn’t give WordPress a lot of time.  My first blog was hosted for me on WordPress (back before I had any kind of domain name).  It was initially hosted by a lady who was nice enough to get me a small section of her wordpress.  Plus she set up all my themes for me for a little while.  But then I switched to Xanga (is that even around anymore)?  It wasn’t long before I realized that I didn’t want to be on a platform that I had to pay for every little thing.  But I wanted the control.  So I had switched to Blogger.  On occasion, I would jump over and play with WordPress… but it never stuck like I wanted it to.

One of the big aspects of this would be the amount of work it took to get into the actual transfer.  I’m not big on DSN and making sure things are mapped correctly.  But I did recently discover that Google Domains let’s you get into your settings.  Not that I understand what half of them mean.  But I was able to muddle through the naming directions.  They are suppose to map the domain correctly though.  As of when I am writing this, I’m not sure when everything will be done.  I say this because as of when I’m typing this post… I’m not really sure where my domain is pointing to.  On my phone it looks like it’s pointing toward my WordPress setup.  But on the various computers that I’m looking at, it looks like it’s set up on my Blogger setup.  The bad thing is, whatever I am posting here on my WordPress setup isn’t actually showing up on the pages that are showing my Blogger setup.  I’m hoping that it catches up soon.  I suppose that if you are on a computer and you see this on the WordPress setup, let me know!  Let me know what you see if you’re on your phone as well.  You should be able to see the difference… but if it has tiny buttons on it, that’s the WordPress.  If it doesn’t have any buttons but more a white background, that’s the Blogger.

I transferred over all my previous posts though— so you should see everything that I have posted on here.  It will be an interesting adjustment to see how I like it.  I guess if I don’t see it pointing the right way, I’ll get some support and see if they can further assist me on the mapping (because it was included).  If not, I’ll end up switching back to Blogger.  I’m hoping to avoid that though.  I’m going to give it 24 hours to see if it does the magic on it’s own… before I start asking to much.  Guess we will see what happens!


2 thoughts on “I’m Giving It

  1. It can take a couple days for everything to sync up properly. Mine was all set in a couple of hours. Don’t give up yet! And if for some reason it isn’t fixed by tomorrow maybe I can help you.


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