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April 21, 2017

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Trying Sushi

Way back when– I used to partake in the “101 Goals in 1001 Days”.  I have since stopped because I never make it through.  Well, honestly, I loose interest in even trying well before the 1001 days.  I thrive better on the smaller goals. But then again, based on the last three months— I fail at those as well!  But at least the re-set is quicker!  But way back then, one of my goals was always to expand my taste.

I am very picky about my food.  I don’t like a lot.  I generally get all ambitious about trying something new.  I get it in my head but then when I finally try it I don’t like it.  Often times, this leads me to another problem… I hate spending money to try something that I don’t like.  That I can’t even force myself to finish.  I’m not sure where I found my picky eating habit but it is there.  Even Shawn makes fun of me when I get it into my head I want to try something new.  He knows me so well!

But on my lists, I always put “Try Sushi”.  I really put it off for years– literally.  It scared me.  I mean, raw fish?  Don’t you need to cook that stuff?  Can’t you get really sick if you don’t cook fish?  Then, there is seaweed… weeds…. from the sea.  Slimy, stinky seaweed?  Oh and let’s not forget that there is often spicy food but my stomach isn’t made for spicy food.  I would suffer from heartburn for days!  I have to be very careful with spices and certain ingredients.  I’ve mentioned it since Shawn and I started dating.  We would talk about places to go to eat it.  But here is part of where this became challenging.  When you never have had sushi before, you don’t want to go to some place that might ruin it for you.  You want to go some place where you will get good quality food.  That they will have made in a safe way so you don’t get sick from it.  Because I am so picky, if my first experience was bad– I wouldn’t be able to try it again.  My mind just wouldn’t have let me!  The challenge became finding a place and then getting brave enough to actually try it (without feeling guilty that I was spending money on something I might not like).

But guess what?!?!  I did it!!  I finally got it in my head I was going to do it.  Knowing me… I had to do it that day or I would chicken out again.  I didn’t want to chicken out again.  My first step was trying to figure out which roll I would like.  Not to spicy… not to much raw fish.  I searched the internet to find out which rolls were which.  What was on each type of roll.  Then I had two So, I set to finding a place open… on a Sunday that didn’t look scary to me.  Now, what looks scary to me is completely in my head.  The places I think looked scary might not be scary at all.  I admit that up front.  But once I found a couple of places I went to look at their menu so that I can figure out what they had to offer.

Knowing that Shawn didn’t really want to have any and I could guarantee that Matthew didn’t want any I was looking so that I could get a “to-go” order.  Which wasn’t hard.  I finally settled on the Wasabi Sushi Bar.  Where I ordered a Philadelphia roll.  The guy who was taking my order was super awesome!  He would ask a question but I didn’t know the answers because I hadn’t ever done this before.  So, he was like… I’m just going to put them in because you might like them.  It was really a great experience for everything.

We were on our way to go get some ice cream.  But it was a bit of a trip to the place where Shawn wanted to go so I was able to eat my roll on the way there.  I ate all of mine with soy sauce.  The initial one I bit in half (because I was honestly afraid of it plus the lack of half my teeth while I am eating).  I was surprised that it was pretty dang good.  The second one I ate, I managed to eat as one roll.  I ate a couple more… they were delicious when I picked out he cucumber piece.  Then, I decided that if I was going to do it– I was going to be brave and try it with the wasabi.  While that one wasn’t as good to me, it was tolerable.  Except that somehow I started swallowing before I actually made it through the seaweed.  So half of this spicy combo went down my throat— then the other half stayed in my mouth.  With seaweed chocking me.  I had to eat the remaining three rolls without the seaweed.

But now, I have this weird craving for more– I think I want to try a California roll.  What kind of monster did I get myself involved with?

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