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April 23, 2017

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Hailee Goes To Prom

This year, Hailee went to prom with her boyfriend.  Because there are two different high schools here in town, they were going to his prom.  He’s a junior where she is still a sophomore.  She won’t get her own prom until next year.

IMG_0734I wanted to make sure that Shawn has a photo of him and Hailee so I took a quick photo before we went to where it was decided to get pictures.  I also only had one photo taken with Hailee at the actual location (that’s a long story that isn’t meant for this post).  Then Hailee had several taken with her boyfriend as well as her sister.   They took some really cute photos.

Of course, with it being Spring… it decided to turn really cold for the night.  So, poor Hailee was really cold.  But she had a good attitude about the whole thing!  Well, except being rushed to be places.  She’s never been fond of being rushed.

Apparently, the boys locked the door and Hailee couldn’t get in when prom was over.  So she was calling me to come let her in.  That was at about 1AM.  Late prom nights!  I’m kind of surprised she made it through the whole night– because she typically doesn’t like the environment so she ends up leaving early.


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