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April 27, 2017

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Caleb’s ACL Repair

Today was the day… the day that we took Caleb into get his ACL repaired in his knee.  He seemed like he had it all together until we arrived at the hospital.  I was nervous and had a really hard time sleeping through the night.  So, I was not as calm as he was.  However, once we arrived I was a bit better with it all.  It was time to focus and take care of business.  Good trade I guess.

Our day started early.  We had to be up early so that Caleb could take his second surgical shower.  We also had to scrub his knee for an extended period of time to ensure that his knee was as clear of bacteria/virus/etc as possible.  Then we all had to be dressed and ready to go.  Knowing the city, our travel time was during rush hour traffic.  But we made it in time.  We were suppose to be earlier but there was also construction slowing us down even more.

When the lady called to give me the time and do the pre-registration she had told me that when we showed up we were to go to the certain floor and just turn a certain direction. But when I did that she that she told me there were other steps.  It was kind of off-putting that I was given directions and they weren’t correct.  But the registration process wasn’t so bad.  I was a little bit concerned because according to my website version of my insurance I had already met our deductible.  But according to what they were pulling up we still had a lot more to go.  I even showed her what it says on my end and so she made note of that in the file.  But once we did our registration, it wasn’t long until we got called back further.  Again, the lady at the registration desk told me that I would have to go back with Caleb alone and they were wrong.  I went back with Caleb but was placed in a secondary waiting area while they prepped him in a separate area.  When I went to pre-op, I was the only one that could go back with him.  Those rooms weren’t very big.  But for the 20 minutes that I was waiting in the secondary waiting room, Shawn could have been with me.

IMG_0742[1]Once they got him prepped I was called back to spend some time with him.  At that point they had him in his gown and even had his IV started.  I was pretty impressed because when they tried with Laura, they ended up having to wait until they took her back and started her first round of medications.  While I was back there, I met with the anesthesiologist (and the assistant).  Then it wasn’t long until they were taking him back to the operating room.  As they were taking him back the “block team” also stopped to talk to me.  Explaining that they were going to do a post-op nerve block to his knee.   They told me that it would assist with post-op pain.  Then I went back to the family waiting area.  I actually just went and got Shawn and then brought him back to the family waiting area before we decided to go down before the cafeteria stopped serving breakfast and have some food.  They didn’t have much to choose from and when you ordered something they claimed they were out of it.  They had only been open for 30 minutes or so when we had went down there.  We ate down in the cafeteria and then we took a quick trip out to the car because our phones were dying.  This particular hospital had a lot of outlets but they were covered with the solid covers.  In the cafeteria we had a couple of outlets so if worse and to worse we could go down there.  But we didn’t have to do that either.

When we got in… sat in the family waiting area again for a bit.  But I wanted to go down to the cafeteria and get some hot chocolate out of the machine.  At this point, Caleb had been back for about an hour and a half.  I figured we would have enough time to make that run.  But of course, when we got back one of the other families that were waiting there asked us if we were with a “Caleb”?  She let us know that they had called for us.  So, I went up to the front desk and asked if they could call back and see if he was really out of surgery or what was going on.  But they just looked at me like I was stupid so I went ahead and went into the area where they had “pre-op” and “recovery”.  I had to ask the first nurse I saw if anyone could tell me if they had called for us.  It turns out they had… the doctor just wanted to touch base with us.

The doctor told us that everything had went as planned.  He repaired the ACL that was torn.  They said that any other damage has repaired itself in the time between injury and surgery.  So it all went as planned.  He said we won’t need the brace for after surgery.  He will be on crutches for a while though.  The doctor said we couldn’t go back and see him yet because he was still pretty tired and wasn’t awake enough yet.  I expected maybe another 15-20 minutes.

IMG_0745[1]It ended up being another hour before he was awake enough that we could come back and see him.  Even then, he really wasn’t awake much at all.  I did get him to eat 1 graham cracker and a portion of a tiny soda before we left.  He wasn’t feeling to nauseous at first.  Just like his mom and his sister— it’s the move from the chair/stretcher to the wheelchair where they are sitting up straight that gets us!  He was already a little pale but when he got into the wheelchair he lost all color… even his lips were white.  A couple of washrags and they pushed him out to the car.  I know that miserable feeling… but the only way to stop it, is to be able to lay back down.  I was just hoping  that we would make it to the car so he could lay back down.


Once we made it to the car he laid down and he was much better.  Well, I don’t know if he was much better but he fell asleep.  In fact, he slept well the whole way back to town and through us dropping off his medications to be filled.  (Initially we were going to take him home and just have Shawn go drop them off.. but he was already asleep and we had elected not to get additional pain medicine before we went home from the hospital because we were afraid it would make it even harder to get him up the stairs.)

At home, we set him up on our love seat.  We got his leg elevated.  We got him as comfortable as possible.  I got his extra ice pack into the freezer so it was ready when it was needed.  Then I laid back down on the couch.  Shawn ate (maybe) and then watched some TV.  I fell asleep with Caleb until he woke back up.  He was in some pain and his medicines were ready to be picked up so I sent Shawn out to get those.  I stayed home and helped Caleb finally go to the bathroom and changed out his ice packs.  Then got him settled back and gave him a little something to eat so he could take his medicine as soon as Shawn got home.

Caleb stayed awake for most of the evening.  I got him set up in bed about 9:30 last night but he was able to have his phone so that he had something to do.  I will be up every few hours to ensure that he gets his pain medications on schedule.

I’m hoping that the recovery is quick… and as easy as possible.


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