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Post-Op Update

I’m drained… I haven’t really slept well prior to Caleb’s surgery.  I was nervous and kept having dreams about everything that was going on.  Then I ended up being up a lot the night following surgery, giving Caleb his pain medication every few hours.  It was set up at 4 hours for Vicodin and then 6 hours for Toradol.  But they had to be taken at least an hour apart from each other.  Then he had nausea medication that was being given because he was still pretty nauseous.  Then you had to change his ice pack as well because he was suppose to be iced the entire time for the first 24 hours.  After the first 24 hours we have to give him a dose of aspirin once a day for blood clots.

I forgot what it was like to have a person who depended on your to get up every few hours to take care of them.  It’s exhausting.  Guess I’m glad that I don’t have babies anymore.

Last night was better though.  He took his dose of medicine in the evening and then I didn’t continue to wake him up a lot to take pain medicine.  He had been getting it around the clock for 24 hours.  So, it had caught up with him more and he slept for quiet awhile last night.  I put him into bed about 9:30-10:00 last night.  When I say that I put him into bed… that’s when we get him arranged on the bed (pillows) and I put his fresh ice pack on his knee.  He has his phone so if he needs me prior to when I have come down, he can call me.  But he slept all night.

I did finally get up at 7 AM and went into his room to get him some pain medicine on board.  When he’s getting up and moving is going to be when it’s really hard.  So I wanted to make sure that he had it prior to actually being up.  He had taken his ice pack off through the night (because it was melted).  So, I refreshed the ice pack with one from the fridge.  Putting the ice pack on his knee really hurt him as well (because he doesn’t have a nerve block or the pain medicine on board).  But once the ice pack is on and settled in– he says it really helps with the pain.

At this point– we are now on day 2 post-op.  Day 2 allows a little bit of a change.  His knee doesn’t have to be iced all the time.  At least 4-5 times a day for 30 minutes each.  Although if it helps with pain (and swelling) it can be iced more.  His pain medications can be further spread out.  Instead of Vicodin every 4 hours– it can be more like 6 hours.  His Toradol is still at every 6 hours.  He’s also still suppose to be on aspirin for blood clots.  Still no showers.  Still has his bandage and TED hose on his one leg.  Still on crutches.  He is suppose to be doing some exercises with his foot/ankle that help with stiffness and regaining the strength.

So, where exactly is Caleb in this process for post-op day 2?  His pain seems to be pretty well controlled.  As I mentioned earlier in this post– he went all night without pain medicine.  I gave him pain medicine at 7:00 AM and as of right now (12:00 PM) he hasn’t needed any further pain medicine.  That’s even with getting up and getting himself ready for the day (as much of a bath as possible, changing clothes, etc).  I need to continue with the Toradol though because it helps with swelling (plus pain).  He hasn’t had much ice put on his knee either.  I guess we will ice it at the same time we do that medication.  He also needs to do his exercises more.  He doesn’t like to do that.  But we need to push through it.  So, I guess we will do those right before the medication and ice.  So the ice can help him and the pain pill both.  He’s up on crutches and he’s putting some weight on his foot as well.  So, I would say that his progress has been great so far!  He’s been right on track with how it sounds like it should be going.

Oh and he’s suppose to start physical therapy on Monday.  So I was doing some research with options here in town.  I picked one place that accepted our insurance.  They specialize in athletic injury recoveries.  So, he’s scheduled to go there on Monday.  Hopefully he will like this place and they can motivate him to keep things moving!

At this point, he still has his dressings on… so there really isn’t anything to see.  I can’t tell you where the holes were made.  I also can’t tell you where they harvested his repaired ligament from.  That comes at post-op day 5 apparently.  That’s also his first time getting to shower.   Until then we have been doing just quick wipe ups.  But it works and we are in a bit of a routine with it now.  He knows it’s coming which hopefully will help in the long run!

I’m just ready to see what’s under all those bandages!


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