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Metro East IL Great Strides!

Recently, I’ve mentioned the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation “Great Strides” walk.  I’ve been running a lot of attempts to raise money for the foundation to help fund all the great work that they do for cystic fibrosis patients.  That walk was today… but first I want to share a little bit of the back story.

A common question that I get asked is why I wanted to walk in the “Great Strides” walk.  Well, that answer is simple enough.  At one point, I was trying to be a vlogger.  Even now, I want to do film but I find it easier to write… so I’m a blogger.  But in that time, I found a lot of people who I still watch on YouTube.  One of those families is The Frey Life.  They are a husband, named Peter and a wife, named Mary.  They also have a sweet service dog named Ollie.  Mary has cystic fibrosis.  Awhile back they announced that they were going to be having a national team.  So you could walk on The Frey Life team at a walk near you!  So, I did just that… there were two walks close by.  One is in St. Louis, which was closer by a mile or two.  The other was in Edwardsville.  Neither had a Frey Life team yet.  But travel would be easier to Edwardsville.  So, that’s where we decided to create our team.  (I have looked since and I see that they have created one in St. Louis.)  It was in honor of The Frey Life that I decided to do this walk.

The team started out as just mostly family.  However, we did gather another team member.  We didn’t grow any further though.  I tried but most people I know aren’t familiar with the vlogging or blogging community.  Therefore, it is hard to explain it to people “who you are walking for”.  Most people I know don’t even know that I have a blog.  The ones that do know about it– don’t actually know the location.  If they have stumbled upon it… they haven’t let me know it.  So, the explanation was a little complicated.  So growing the team was a little hard.  So was getting donations.

So, I had hoped that our team would be closer to 15 people– we were a team of 5.  Only 1 of those weren’t in the family.  As a team, with the donations I know about… we raised $150 for the CFF (cystic fibrosis foundation).  I don’t know if any others were mailed in as of yet (they can take a couple weeks to show up on the tracker).

Want to see a few photos from the walk?  These were from before the walk–

Because of the rain– we were moved inside for registration.  Then everyone just stayed inside while we waiting for the start.  We had registered early so they didn’t give us tickets to get our shirts– however, we did end up going and picking up the tickets to get our shirts.  I really would have LOVED to have one of the designed shirts from The Frey Life– but between budget and the time frame I was working with we couldn’t get them in.  I was’t sure who all would be able to be off work to actually walk with us.


Before we started walking, we took time to get a quick photo with the storm troopers that was there.  Then we were told that we were going to start the walk.

Our three mile track got cut down a little bit because the rain we’ve had this weekend had created a LOT of flooding.  It was still raining so it wasn’t going to be going down either.  But with the rain, I wasn’t able to get any pictures during the walk.  I didn’t want to mess up my phone (which I use for my photos).

IMG_0798[1]After the walk they have refreshments for everyone.  So, we grabbed some of those and we took another post-walk photo.   We stayed around long enough to find out that with all the donations made– the Metro East IL walk raised over their goal for the walk!  Their goal was $85,000 and we all raised more.  With donations still coming in– they should be well over their goal by the time it’s done.

I really wish that we could have brought Caleb with us to walk.  But with him being post-op day 3, I couldn’t risk his bandages getting wet while we were out.  Even if I did have him in a wheelchair.  I don’t have extra bandages if they did get wet and they can’t come off until at least tomorrow.  Hailee had to work and I wasn’t sure how long the walk would take (the full three miles would have taken us to close to where she had to be at work).  Would have been awesome if we could have done it with the whole family.

If you still want to donate even though the walk is over– you can!  Just click here!


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