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May 2, 2017

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Started Physical Therapy

At post-op day 4, Caleb began his physical therapy.  As I mentioned before, I was looking for a new place to take him for physical therapy.  We hadn’t even been to visit this place before but it was easy to find.  They knew which patient he was right when we walked in.  Even with us being really early!  They answered any questions we had and kept us updated during any waits (we really only waited because we were early).

image1 (1)They began by removing his bandages.  I was really ready to see what was going on under there.  I didn’t even know what to expect.  He did well for the removal.  Some people end their first day with removal because of the light-headed feeling.  As you can see– it still has steri-strips which will stay on until they fall off.  What you do’nt see is the sutures that are visible.  I believe those are the kind the doctor must remove at his follow-up appointment.  His knee is still pretty swollen.  Still has a lot of bruising.  The steri-strips are messier than I expected.  There was also an additional spot that the cotton was stuck to (probably from a drain).

Physical therapy went very well for him.  His week one goals are within reach already.  At the start, he was able to do all the tasks asked of him.  His leg isn’t straight yet– but it is pretty good!  He can bend at 80 degrees (goal for week one is 90 degrees).  He also did ice and stem.  I promised him he would like that.  There wasn’t any machine work yet– but it is coming.

So, at day 4 where is he standing?  His dressings are off but remains steri-stripped and sutured.  He remains on crutches 99% of the time.  Instead of a compression stocking, he now has an ACE wrap.  He has several (8) home exercises to complete a couple times a day.  He still has Toradol for swelling to take.  He still have Norco (Vicodin) for pain as needed.  He was’t using it at daytime until yesterday.  He needed it today as well.  Still using the ice pack as needed.  He mostly chooses at night.  Still no shower util day 5.  Even then, it needs to be wrapped until his follow-up appointment.

I really think he is doing well!  I know this recovery isn’t easy for anyone.  The biggest challenge is that he doesn’t like being slowed down.  Pushing to fast actually slows him down more.  Plus he doesn’t like being dependent so he fights that every step of the way.

It has only been one trip but I really like this place.  They talk to Caleb and they make sure they are setting realistic expectations (it will hurt) but also encouraging him he can do it.  Caleb said he liked this place as well.  I’m excited to see how it all turns out.


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