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May 6, 2017

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Cats Out of the Bag!

In order for my next blog post to make sense… I guess I need to give you a little more background on what’s going on.  I’ve mentioned in before but only in passing for the most part.  So, I’m going to share a little bit more on the news.

I’ve been holding onto the news for a little bit now.  I guess, in reality I’ve just been protecting it.  Or myself.  Kind of like how people don’t want to share that they are pregnant before they make it past the first trimester– especially to the online world.  It’s hard to come back if something goes wrong with it.  Once you make the announcement– you are kind of put in the position where you then have to explain and explain if something does happen to go wrong.  So, very similar to that reason I haven’t been sharing a lot of what our plan actually is coming up!  But as it gets closer, there is more and more that will be involved.  So, it’s probably time that I go ahead and let the cat out of the bag a little more.

So, what’s this secret that I’ve been keeping?

We should be moving in August or September!

There is a range of dates there… and we won’t really know an exact date until closer to time.  Mostly because our moving date depends upon when the people who’s house we are taking over move out.  Their move-in date depends on when they get their house finished.  Which of course, kind of depends upon weather (which actually probably had a major set back with all the rain that Missouri and Illinois had that created a lot of flooding).

We will be moving into (and taking over the payments) for Shawn’s parent’s house.  They are having a new house built.  Which is of course, going to take a little time.  Even more time if mother nature doesn’t start taking her medication and give us some nice weather.  Bedroom wise, the house will have the same number of rooms.  We will be going down by half a bath.  But we will have a garage… a decent yard… and we will no longer share a wall with anyone.  Which is great news!  We can decorate and make improvements if we would like.

I’ve not been saying much… because if something (anything) fell through, I didn’t want to have to explain myself over and over about what happened.  But things are moving right along and aside from weather delays it should be right on track.  But behind the scenes I have been doing things already for this move.  Because either way, we will move– we can’t stay in the place we are in now for much longer.  There is a lot going on but that’s a story for another day!

The first thing I did— was to go through and purge a few things.  I’ve pretty much purged our bedroom.  I have ideas on what else we are going to get rid of before we go but I have to wait for some of it.  I’ve also been packing away winter clothes.  Because we won’t need them again until after we move.  I’m taking anything that can be packed away and putting it in our porch area so that we can just load it into a u-haul when the time comes.

I’ve also been looking at some new stuff for furniture (bunk beds and such) that I can actually just buy early and then have delivered to the new house (so that we don’t have to move it).  I can start that soon because I’d like to just have it put into the garage (it’s not big enough for a car… but that’s another post as well) until it’s time.  Then I just have to arrange a big pick-up for trash and can get rid of a lot of it without even really having to “move” it.

With the nice weather– I really have a lot that we need to go through though.  We have to try to get rid of some extra stuff from our outdoor storage shed– if we don’t end up needing it.  I already had some stuff that needed donating on our indoor porch but it’s been messed up since then so I have to go back through it.  It should be a fun process!  But those processes are part of what I want to share– so I had to tell you why we were doing those processes to begin with.

I’m hoping that we can do a “before” moving-in tour and then an “after” moving-in tour…. but we will see what happens.  Because some of this stuff is happening early… I don’t know if it will be a true “before”.  I’ve also never really shown where we are living now.  So, I want to do kind of a room-by-room tour before to long.  Then, when we are done and have it empty, I’ll show you our “after” of where we currently live.  Probably with the outside included as well.  I generally don’t show the outside in bulk for safety reasons.  But once we move, I will share more.

So, the cats out of the bag– we will be moving in (hopefully) 3-4 months.


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