2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Hey Hummingbirds!

This year Belleville was in the path of totality with the solar eclipse.  Of course our city is big enough and right on the border so some places saw 95% while others saw totality.  Some schools in this area took the day off.  I was really surprised by that.  I was in school for one and we were out there with plates watching it.  So in 2017 we got to witness another one.

The high school where our semi-adults went watched the eclipse with glasses at the school.  I’ve been told it was at 98% totality.  They all thought it was really neat!

The junior high actually took a bus to another junior high in the area.  They also watched with glasses.  Matt really didn’t say much about it.  I saw some photos of the kids watching but of course there was a lot of kids watching.

Shawn was working outside of the totality area.  But he got to witness a lot of the partial because he works outside.  He was a bit bummed he didn’t get to see it in an area with more coverage.  He said it just looked gloomy where he was.

I was at work as well.  But in our area we were in totality.  We all had a pair of glasses we took turns going out to look.  However, it was also business as normal.  At the point of totality, I was checking in a patient.  I saw the darkness through our windows.  Watched the street lights turn on.  I also heard from my co-workers that were outside that the crickets started chirping and the birds got a little confused.

Where you in the path of the eclipse?  Did the weather allow you to watch it?  What was your experience?

Until next time– keep flying high!

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