Back To School

Hey Hummingbirds!

I can’t believe the summer is already over!  It is time for everyone to get back into learning.  This summer was a bit different than our past summers.  We now have two girls that work.  That changes how much “summer” they get.  The good news is that it still gives them time away.  Because you know– if you are together to long, arguments start getting worse!  The boys weren’t so lucky.  By the first day of school, they were really arguing.

Our area has many “back to school” days.  Depending on your breakdown of where you go to school.  Both high schools started on the 16th.  The junior high we use started on the 17th.  Many schools didn’t start until the next week.  I never understand how the schools within the same zip code can have such different calendars.  I’m glad we are down to just two schools though!

The rundown of our back to school– Laura is now a senior in high school.  She will be graduating this year.  Hailee is now a junior in high school.  She’s taking mostly honors classes.  Caleb is now a sophomore in high school.  He’s working hard to catch-up from last year.  Matthew is now in 8th grade.  This is his last year in high school.  This is also our last child who will be in junior high.  I won’t have any more going through the school system.

I hope you will enjoy these photos of their first day!!

Did you have any back to school adventures this year?  What was the best part?  What was the hardest part?

Until next time– keep flying high!!

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