Our Weekend Getaway

Hey hummingbirds!

Shawn and I have a pretty large family.  We are a dual-income family.  We have to be!  So I thought I would schedule some time away with just the two of us.  What better time and reason than our first anniversary!?!

We decided on returning to the winery we went to for our mini-honeymoon.  It isn’t to far away but far enough to get a break.  Shale Lake winery has a mix of things to do (including wine drinking of course).  One of my favorite parts is the cabins and cottages on property.  It is a nice slow down in life!  In a world where you don’t disconnect from technology often– it is wonderful to have a break (but you do find out how many times you subconsciously reach for your phone).  It was the perfect mix because you could still go down to the winery and use their WiFi to check with the rest of the world.

This year we stayed in the cabins.  Last year we were in the cottages.  Because it was just the two of us we decided to stay in one made just for two.  We stayed in the “Mule Quarters”.  It is decorated in Americana (Route 66) décor.  It was very cute.  This particular cabin had a microwave, stove, and refrigerator.  I thought it had an oven but this one doesn’t.  I will share photos at the bottom of this post.  It also does have two televisions (with antenna service).  My favorite part of the cabin was the screened-in porch looking across the lake.  Our cabin had two lounge chairs and it had privacy curtains.  I only used one side, the side shared toward the next cabin.  Only because we were all hanging out on our porches and the next cabin over had their dog with them (he would bark at us on occasion when he saw us).  But I really enjoyed the mornings and evenings on the porch.

While we were there, we did a lot of walking.  The cabins are about 1/2 a mile to the winery.  I think the cottages are almost a full mile.  We walked to the winery (down the road) many times.  I also took time to walk to the boat house just to see it (as I’m thinking we will stay in it, in another visit).  We fit in one walk to the winery through the woods!  I can’t remember how far it was but it was a nice walk.  With the trees, it was much cooler.  You even pass by some of the horses they board.  There were a few more trails but we didn’t get to try those out.

This trip we got to take in some of their food!  While they don’t have a restaurant or even dinner, they do have huge appetizers!  They were very good.  We ended up eating from the winery more than we planned because of my mistake with the oven.  I’m so glad to have had the extra time to finally explore and try out their food.  We also tried some wine but we really didn’t have a lot.  I’m not big on wine but I liked a couple!  Don’t let that food you– I’m just very picky.

We plan on making two more trips back yet (although only one will be this year).  We would like to go with the semi-adults for one.  The other will probably be another anniversary trip again– maybe not on our actual anniversary.  Depends on work schedules then.  I’m just trying to decide which lodging we want!

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What are your favorite get-away?  Do you want the big city or do you want to go camping?

Until next time– keep flying high!

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