PO Box Story

Hey Hummingbirds!

As I’m preparing to create my “contact” page, it came to mind that a question I used to get last time might pop up again.  I thought it was something I would touch base about  before I create the page.  So, what is the big question?!?!

“Why do you have a PO Box?  Do you just want stuff from other people?”

It is actually not a question I ever thought I would have to address.  But I guess I get it.  It can come across like you expect things.  But let’s take a real look at why our family has a PO Box.  You might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with blogging!

We have lived in our current house for almost 4 years now.  Our neighborhood isn’t bad but it isn’t great either.  We have some great neighbors!  We have some not so great neighbors!  Over the years, we have had issues with various things that happen on and off.  Sometimes it’s car break-ins and other times it is bike theft.  Then we also had points where our mail seemed to be disappearing.

Now, we did discover our mail route is a training route.  I recently discovered that they actually consider it a perfect route to train on.  Our route is about 5 miles (so it isn’t the shortest and it isn’t the longest of the walking routes).  However, it has smaller loops so our mail person is often back at his truck.  They don’t have to pack as much to haul.  So, I firmly believe that sometimes our mail ends up in the wrong place (as often we end up with mail for another street).  But we know this isn’t always the case!

Sometimes it was weird things that would “go missing”.  It seemed to happen most often when no one was home.  It seemed that sometimes we were told cards were mailed– but they were never received.  But we could ever actually confirm it ever made it to our mailbox.  Not until a day mail was delivered while we were home.  But we were in a hurry leaving so we left it in the mailbox.  When we left there were two colorful envelopes (it was January when we had two birthdays).  When we got back home, we grabbed the mail– when we both noticed that BOTH cards were gone.  I did end up waiting about a week to see who we got cards from (my family doesn’t live around close, so we often mail cards and I pretty much know who you can expect to get one from).  After about a week, I knew who’s cards were missing and so I contacted that family member.  Who confirmed the cards being mailed and arrival being around that time.  Also verifying what color the cards were.  It felt horrible telling them there cards went missing (because they also always contain money).

By the way, I know I should have grabbed the mail before we left.  But prior to that, I didn’t have proof of mail actually being taken.  Plus with it being in our mailbox, it should have been protected!  We now grab all the mail as soon as possible everyday!

Post_Office_BoxesWe went back and forth about how our approach would be handled.  We discussed installing cameras.  But we are getting closer and closer to moving (a post is coming soon) and we didn’t want to invest in those until we move.  We also discussed doing a PO Box.  The cost of the PO Box is much cheaper than the camera system we want for the new house.  Plus set-up can really suck with the camera system and we don’t really want to do it twice.  So for now, we settled on just doing a PO Box.  We gave that information to our family for anytime they want to mail us anything.  It has worked out nicely!

But since it is already established, I figure I could share it with you all.  It just serves as another way to connect.  I’ve mentioned that I like getting postcards and letters in the mail (in fact it’s an addiction of mine).  Since I love writing, if you leave a return address I will write back even!

I’m not sure what the plan is once we move.  Those mailboxes are completely closed so hopefully we won’t have issues…. but I might just keep it open because the family is already established to mail things there.  I suppose we will see.  But I did want to share why we even have one… and why it also has benefits (I can get snail mail from all my hummingbirds)!

Until next time— keep flying high.

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