It’s Not Always Fun

Oh, adulting!  Do you remember growing up how fun we always thought it would be to be a adult?  Then you adult– and adult some more!  I have almost been an adult half my life (legally– but I was emancipated at 17 so I actually have been adulting a bit longer).  The longer you adult, the more you find tasks you must do that you don’t want to do!  You will also find tasks you like!  But today you will be finding out what I don’t like doing!


  1. Picking up teenagers from work!  They typically get off work late at night.  The older I get, the earlier I want to be in bed.  Plus my day starts earlier!
  2. Putting away clean laundry!  I do pretty good with doing the laundry.  It is the folding and putting away that gets me!  Every time!!
  3. Cleaning shower drains!  These two showers are ridiculous to clean… especially with three girls with long hair still in the house!  That hair is what I always end up dealing with.  It always falls on me to get those drains cleared.  It is gross and I hate it!
  4. Paying bills (particularly bills that keep changing amounts by large jumps)!  This is obvious.  I don’t think I have ever met an adult who ENJOYS paying bills.  Our electric/gas bill always changes (by a lot each month) and it drives me crazy!  I prefer to budget and it’s hard to do when you never know what the bill is going to do.  Another win for moving— house is better insulated and has better windows.
  5. Exercising!  I was very blessed with a low maintenance body when I was younger.  It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I began to really struggle with my weight (and various other things).  I’ve found it very hard to get to a point where I enjoy exercising.  I still hate it!!  I do with that was different though…. I’m still working on it.

What is your least favorite parts of adult-ing?  Stay tuned for another post about my favorite parts!

Until next time– remember to fly high!

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