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Summer Of Transition

It wasn’t a secret that this summer was a summer of transition.  At least it was for me!  So to understand this post– I have to back it up a little bit.  To the beginning of summer.

In May, I gave my two-weeks notice at the urgent care.  I worked my full two-weeks.  I had a job lined up already.  This job was doing customer service for a medical billing company.  Within the first week, I hated it.  I had every sign in the world to find a new job as soon as possible.  As fate would have it, I had another job reach out to me and I had begun their process as well.

Within another couple weeks, I was starting another job!  For the most part, that job was awesome!  I just couldn’t manage to handle the loss of income.  Not with all these semi-adults.  Even if I had moved up, my boss had told me that he couldn’t match what I was making at any of the jobs I’ve come from.  Ultimately, I ended up giving my two-weeks notice.  I’m proud that I gave (and worked) my two-weeks notice… because some days even that was hard to do.

I ended up landing back at the urgent care that I had quit, not even 3 months prior.  But why did I learn and why did I go back to the urgent care?  Really, what I’m facing now is the same as when I left.  In some ways, it is worse.  But in other ways, it is easier.

Initially, I left for one reason:  my manager!  There were many reasons why she wasn’t (and still isn’t) a good manager.  I’m not the only one she has chased away but I am the only one who has come back.  Not for the manager but for the job itself!

I had to decide if I could tolerate the management in exchange for the work.  I won’t say my job doesn’t have challenges but it is pretty simple compared to other jobs.  Jobs that were definitely much more physically and mentally demanding for less money.  I just have to choose to tolerate some things.  I choose to ignore as much as possible.  I also knew I would have to find my own answered when I needed them.  Which is all good because I like being self-sufficient.

Honestly, nothing has changed.  My manager is still the same sneaky person.  She still lacks the ability to manage.  Due to an upper management change, in many ways, it is worse now.  But on the hard days, I just have to remind myself why I’m actually there.  In addition to my income, I also missed helping people.  I’m back to where I’m a major step in helping people.

I was at my 1 year when I left… I’m now a little over my 1st month since my rehire.  I don’t have plans to leave anytime too soon but I do have an emergency plan “just in case”.  I’m also trying to figure out something more long-term with education again.  Since my previous education was a big waste at this point!  Now you are caught up on my summer.  With less adjustment, hopefully, my anxiety will be less!

Thanks for reading,

Jessica ♥



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