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My Fall Soap Haul

I wish I could join the masses and say fall is my favorite season.  I can’t even begin to say that.  Sure it has its good points but it really isn’t my favorite!  I don’t like the cold (although I love sweatshirts and they are acceptable during the season).  I don’t like most of the flavors (although I do like hot chocolate).  I do enjoy the smells of fall though!  So I enjoy the air fresheners, candles, and soaps.

What can be better than a hand soap sale at the change of the season?  Nothing of course!!  Imagine my excitement when I got the email talking about a hand soap sale at Bath & Body Works.  Less than $3 a bottle is awesome.  I was going to max my order but I realized I would have to pack all the extras when we move!  So I ordered three scents, in threes.  So, I got nine bottles!

img_1449My October scent of choice is “Better Have My Candy“.  This is honestly a great fruity scent.  I was worried about it being sweet but it wasn’t.  It is a mix of pear, apple, and cinnamon.  Out of the three, this is my second favorite.  They had so many choices to pick from when it came to Halloween that I ended up just getting one.  Because I’m horrible about making sure I combine bottles when they start to run low… so they all had to be the same.

img_1471My November scent of choice is “Crisp Morning Air“.  I expected more of a leafy scent.  It is a mix of pine, juniper, and pear.  Out of the three I purchased, this was my least favorite.  It isn’t bad, just not what I expected.  I thought it would be a good fallish scent, even thought now I don’t think it reminds me very much of the fall.  I’m sure that one bathroom will end up with this one before another bathroom.

IMG_1451Initially my December scent, my kitchen scent is the “Vanilla & Patchouli“.  This one quickly became my favorite this go around.  A wonderful mix of vanilla and patchouli.  Instead of making it a “seasonal” scent, I plan on making it just my staple soap for the kitchen.  It’s very calming and relaxing to me.

I’m really hoping the next time there is a good sale we will have moved.  I will have the room to store our extra purchases.  Plus we will be where we will be living for a longer term.

What is your favorite fall scents?  What do you look forward to the most?

Thanks for reading,

Jessica ♥


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