What’s The Plan??

I went to see my surgeon following my newest imaging.  It was kind of dreading how it was going to go.  I am glad that we have a plan though!

My doctor came in and she really seemed so much more compassionate this time.  When she walked in she asked if I knew it had grown.  I acknowledged the growth both being told and by my own touch.

Once she established all that, it was quickly just discussion about surgery.  She told me what will happen.  So I will let you know what I know.

It will be an outpatient surgery.  It will be done under general anesthesia.  So I will be completely out.  She said that they will make a cut and she will get all of the tumor out.  Once out, she will close with dissolvable stitches on the inside and dermabond on the outside.  Then of course I’ll go to recovery.

She let me know I would be pretty sore for a week.  I will have to wear my surgical bra or a sports bra for the whole first week.  I will do a follow up with the surgeon in about a week.  At that point I’m suppose to be able to take the special bra off at night.  She did warn me that I wouldn’t be able to lift anything to heavy for at least two weeks.  She will release me back to work on the Monday following my surgery because I don’t lift at work.  She did warn me that I will probably be in a lot of pain when I return to work.

They actually got my surgery scheduled quickly.  Within a week actually.  She did seem to want to hurry because of the amount of growth that was worrisome.

That is the plan as long as everything goes as planned.  They also sent me some video links to watch.  They did just want to educate.  Then you know more or less what to expect.  I watched them because I like to know what is going on.  Shawn didn’t really want to know… he prefers not knowing some details.

Which leads me to my question for you all:

Do you prefer to know more about what is happening or do you not want to know every step of the way and just want to go with the flow.

Thanks for reading,

Jessica ♥


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