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What’s In My Hospital Bag?

Most often you will find all kinds of topics on hospital bags for labor and delivery or when you know you are staying awhile.  But I always try to have a small bag even for outpatient procedures.  Somethings are for entertainment, while others are clothes and necessity.  I thought that I would tell you all what I packed!

IMG_1339I just really packed a fairly small bag.  It was a lunch box I used to take to work.  It was completely wipeable so I could sanitize it.  After I packed it, there wasn’t much spare room!

I actually had two bags but one was mostly to keep my pajamas completely clean.  It was meant to keep the cats off of them so I just used a grocery style bag.  It had my pajama pants, pajama shirt, and underwear.  I used this set after my pre-op shower.

In my main bag, I head several things.  I packed a very comfortable set of pajama pants.  I also baked a button down shirt (easier to get on and off).  I packed an extra pair of underwear and regular socks.  I packed my partial kit as well.  Since mother nature is a bitch about timing, I was also forced to pack feminine hygiene products.  My inhaler was packed, my phone charger, and my headphones.  My last thing was my snuggly unicorn my dad got me with a previous surgery.

I had a few more items that were not to be packed.  I had to buy some Hibiclens to shower with twice.  I also had to buy an extra sheet set.  I didn’t want Shawn worrying about washing and drying plus making the bed.


In the morning, I will also pack my ID, my insurance, and my debit card in my small bag.  I don’t want to risk losing my purse in the hospital.

Overall, my only “entertainment” this go was my phone and my unicorn.  When it’s my own surgery, I don’t really pack entertainment.  I’m typically very sick right after so I never have any time to entertain myself.

I never really know what to expect with each surgery.  But since the plan being outpatient, I really won’t need a lot.  If for some reason the plans change, we are close and I can always send Shawn for more things.  🙂

Have you ever had surgery?  Did you do any prepping before you went in?

Thanks for reading,

Jessica ♥


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