There are so many times in life where the timing just doesn’t work out very well.  This last week or so has been the perfect example of this.  I really had to work on balancing some major plans!

A couple weeks ago, before all this talk about surgery, we had made plans to attend a Cardinal’s game in which Hailee was presenting for her JROTC color guard group.  We bought tickets (separate from the ones the group was selling) and we were going to just go for the whole game.  But then there were some challenges that came up.

The next week, I did my follow-up from my imaging.  The surgery was planned so quickly.  So, as you know… my surgery was planned the week after my appointment with my surgeon.  However, this Cardinal’s game was scheduled for the day after my surgery.  In the end, this was the only game that they would be presenting at so it wasn’t just that we could just go watch ANY other Cardinal’s game (because that would have been simple).  Now I have to figure out what I can do about all of this.

We bought our tickets from StubHub so we could always resell them on StubHub.  However, the important part was that we wanted to be there for Hailee.  So, that wasn’t really a good option to start off with.  The other option that I threw around briefly is to send Shawn off to the game so that at least one of us was there.  But Shawn didn’t really want to go alone either.  None of the family was able to get off work early enough to get to the game with Shawn.  So, the decision was made that we would both attempt to go to this game.  I was still very nervous about if I was going to be able to handle all of this the day after surgery!

I want to fast forward to the day of the Cardinal’s game.  I was very careful the entire day to not overdo the work around the house or move too much.  I was able to take a shower but I wasn’t going to do it when I was home alone and then I was worried about the pain level after taking a shower, so I planned on doing the shower after we got back from the game.  I also was trying to be very careful with my pain medicine because I didn’t want to have trouble with side effects while we were out.  I still wasn’t 100% sure that I would even be able to make it to the game.

That afternoon, Shawn got home from work and he took his shower.  I attempted to put myself into clothes but there wasn’t any way that I was going to be able to do any shirt that went over my head.  So, I ended up putting on a pair of jeggings and wearing my button down shirt that I wore the day of surgery.  Then we took the train into the city to get to the game.  I figured that this would be a smoother transport plus it took away some of the travel time because we wouldn’t have to fight traffic.

Once we got to the game, I tried to stay away from the really crowded areas.  We were a little early so we didn’t have quite the wait at the gate.  I already knew going into the trip that I wasn’t going to make it through the whole game.  We were just going to be there for the very first part.  So, we did walk around and found our seats but we had pretty much decided that we would just walk around a little bit and find somewhere that we could watch the presentation.  We did get a snack and drink from one of the various snack bars.  Up until that point, I had managed to keep a good distance between myself and any other person.  But when I was trying to carry my drink, some guy had run directly into my left side.  I know that it is my own fault.  I mean, I’m the one that showed up the day after surgery.  I knew that it could be crowded and that people tend to just push through everyone.  But it hurt so much that I got angry.  I didn’t act out in anger (although there were multiple reasons behind that)… but I might have passive-aggressively thanked him for running into me when it wasn’t that crowded where we were.

We stayed up in this upper standing area.  We found an area where people really weren’t pushing their way through to other places.  We were able to watch Hailee do the presentation of colors with her group.  It was pretty nerve-wracking trying to get to the meeting area.  At that point, it was really crowded.  Also, the ballpark has also been open for hours so many people were already well into their drinking, which tends to make people not realize what they are doing as much.  We did leave as soon as her presentation was over.  We slowly walked back to the train to go back home.

By the time we got back home, I was really sore and very tired.  I was going to shower before I went to bed.  But I didn’t have the willpower to push through even more pain.  So, I just took some pain medicine and grabbed my ice pack to go to bed.

There are many times where parent’s make sacrifices for their children.  Sometimes they are smaller sacrifices… and other times they are larger.  I wasn’t supposed to be doing much of anything following my surgery but I had to make the decision to try to push through and get where I needed to be.  While I was pretty sore from it all… I am glad that we went and got to see her.

Tell me about a time where you had to make a choice between decisions…?  What helped you make the decision and would you do it again if you had to?

Thanks for reading,

Jessica ♥


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