October Goals

Every month I like to make some goals for myself.  Honestly, I often don’t accomplish all of the goals I set forth but I do put an effort to get it all done.

So for October, I only have a few goals.  Mostly because I’m not sure about my recovery and my results of my recent biopsy.  I just don’t want to overwhelm myself too much and create unnecessary stress.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch.
  • Read a book.
  • Design Erin Conderan planner cover for 2018.
  • Bake a pie (homemade).
  • Create a workout plan.
  • Do 2 storytime posts.
  • Buy 1 Christmas present for each semi-adult.
  • Research crafts for Christmas presents for the family.
  • Put 5% of each income into savings.

Pretty short and sweet for this month.  This month has come in with a lot of personal drama with my body but hopefully it will exit without as much.

Do you have any goals for this month?  What’s your number one goal?



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