I'm To Lazy To Categorize Today


Surgery is hard on even the healthiest of bodies.  It elevates the stress level and lowers immunity.  Your body is now fighting to heal as well as ward off any infections.  My body doesn’t count as “healthy” most of the time.  It always seems to be “fighting” for normal.  Thank you chronic illness.

In typical Jess fashion, my body decided to complicate the healing process.  I’m not 100% for sure if I was getting a cold prior to surgery and it just took advantage or if it is a risk of anesthesia.  I really had no signs of it before I went to sleep for surgery.  However, the early signs were there when I woke up from surgery.  It is hard to describe because you expect a sore throat when you wake up.  This wasn’t a sore throat… it was just a thick layer of phlegm.  It would make me cough but I could clear it easily.  So I assumed it was something that would just pass.

As the days continue to tick by– the symptoms are getting worse.  By the next morning, I already had a horrible cough and it was much more productive.  Massive amounts!  Here I am at day 4 post-op.  I’m exhausted.  My body is exhausted and I’m very achy.  All over!

It seems the fight to become “normal” again is a hard one.  Made harder by the small cold I developed.  Aside from a little itching (from healing), my incision is pretty much back to normal.  It only hurts if it bounces or if it gets hit.  It isn’t fully healed but has made good progress.  It is right on track.

This cough though!  It seems to be getting the better of me.  This is where my exhaustion is coming from.  It only gets worse though.  I’ve kept an eye on my temperature, it only went up to 100.4.  That’s the line to call the doctor when you are post-surgical.  But it went down with medicine and never came back up.  My pulse ox has been okay every time I check it.  I’m trying to wait for my follow-up to get checked as long as everything is stable.  I’m hoping it will just finish running its course.

But tonight my body is just exhausted.  I’m back at work tomorrow too!  I better try to get some sleep!



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