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Fibroadenoma Recovery

My recovery with my surgery has been up and down.  I think that tends to be pretty normal with everyone.  Here was my experience with the recovery of fibroadenoma surgery.  Keep in mind, I do have another week where I’m considered in recovery.


Same day as surgery.

Surgery day I went home and while I wasn’t pain-free, I felt pretty good.  I went to sleep on the couch with an ice pack.  I had Shawn go early to pick up my pain medicine from the pharmacy.  I was good with all that for quite awhile.  I did have to supplement with some over the counter pain medicine.



Post-Op Day 1

Post-op day one was honestly the hardest as far as surgical pain.  As you would expect.  Everyone was back at work or school.  I was free to take a shower but I didn’t want to take it when I was home alone.  It took until the evening before I realized I could take two pain pills.  They gave me one in the hospital so I thought that was the dosage.  I still didn’t have complete pain control.  I also had to take it easy because I had to make it to a big thing for Hailee (read about that here).  By the evening I was very sore and I was ready to get some pain medicine on board and get to bed with my ice pack.


On day two post-op, I was doing pretty good.  I had a lot of coughing going on.  My ribs were sorer than my surgical site.  I was beginning to take a bit of cough medicine at that point.  It was a pretty uneventful day though.  So I did take advantage and got some extra sleep.

Day three post-op was the easiest so far!  At least as far as surgical pain.  My cough was at its worse though!  I contemplated reaching out to the doctor but it was a weekend so I didn’t want to bother the exchange.  By evening we had a bit of a scare though.  My fever was high enough to warrant a call (which really isn’t that high post-surgical).  I had taken some cold medicine so I waited a couple hours to check again.  The fever was gone completely.  I was really aching and very sore all over.  This was the first night that I was completely miserable.  Even to now, we don’t know if it was the beginning of a surgical infection or a complication of my cough.  That fever never returned though!


Post-Op Day 4

I was pretty nervous because, on day four, I needed to be able to test my ability to function without pain medicine.  At least anything stronger than ibuprofen.  I was returning back to work the next day.  It went pretty well with just a bit of ibuprofen and an ice pack.


Post-op day five, I returned to my normal day.  I did bring an ice pack t work.  I really only had to do one dose of pain medicine through the 12-hour shift.  I did use the ice pack quite a bit.  I really didn’t even try to overdo anything.  At night I went ahead and took another pain pill.

I took it easy on post-op day six.  I was off work (and for that I am thankful) so I really just allowed myself to rest.  It was pretty tender probably from the extra activity at work.  There really wasn’t anything eventful that happened.

The final one I’m sharing for now is post-op day seven.  One week!  I was working so I had to take a long lunch to go to my follow-up.  I will be doing a separate post about the follow-up itself.  I was pretty nervous because I wasn’t sure what all they would do.  I also had that horrible cough still.  Which I wasn’t sure how they would address it.  I have been completely pain medicine free ever since!  I’m not pain-free but I’ve really been depending on ice to help in addition to accepting some pain.

Overall, I’m so glad that we got it removed.  The pain is less than it was with your lump.  In the end, I have less to worry about (in the cancer vs not cancer aspect).  I’m still hopeful by the end of recovery I will have the same cup size instead of two different sizes.  She did say early on there would be some fluid for awhile but we will see how long that sticks around.  I should be “back to normal” by next Thursday.  Fingers crossed.

Do you like to hear about other people’s experiences before you go through them yourself?  Does that make you feel more relaxed or more anxious?



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