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The Results

Unless there are any complications with my fibroadenoma, I went to my only follow-up for my fibroadenoma surgery.  This takes place on post-op day seven.  Of course, I was back to work by then and I was scheduled to work that day.  I ended up just taking a long, late lunch in order to go to it.  I was a little nervous but probably not for the reason you would think.  Typically you would think that I was nervous to et the results of what exactly was growing… but I had a few concerns.

My first concern was the fact that I had run that fever earlier.  I had noticed a little bit of redness.  But I also knew that it could be irritation from being up and moving while it was inflamed.  So I really wasn’t sure if she would tell me there was an infection going on.  I feared being put on antibiotics for a post-surgical infection because they take them so seriously, I was probably more afraid that they would decide I needed IV antibiotics.  I didn’t want to take more days off work since I had returned to work already (consecutive counts as 1 point, but if it’s not consecutive it counts as 2 points).  She quickly put that one to rest… as there didn’t seem to be any other signs of infection.

My second concern was the cough that I had going on.  It was still horrible when I went to see her.  Again, I was concerned that it has somehow turned into a walking pneumonia and I would have to be put on medication for that.  Or even worse, hospitalized again.  However, she said that it sounded like bronchitis.  She really didn’t check my lungs or anything… it was based off what the lungs sounded like.  Which is probably my only complaint at this point, that she didn’t just treat the bronchitis while I was seeing her since I developed it the day after surgery.  She told me to just follow-up with my primary (I’ll be honest, I didn’t follow-up with my primary.  I saw a provider at the urgent care I work at who got me fixed up with steroids).

The last concern I had was the result.  Which was that the tumor WAS in fact very large.  It was much larger than I thought it was.  Much, to everyone’s surprise, it was benign!  So that was great news!  I was so glad that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

We discussed what I should do if I find another one.  We also discussed the fluid build up in the surgical area (which is normal).  However, if it was too much fluid that it began to hurt she could drain some of it for me.  The body does absorb it over time though!  I was looking for an easy fix to make sure I didn’t get another one.  But there isn’t a rhyme or reason that they develop.  Especially not when they grow as quick as mine did.  But I am at a higher risk of getting them again.  However, I was told to not ignore it if I do get another one… it at least needs to be checked to make sure it’s not something different each time.  Which makes sense.

By week two I should be pretty close to completely back to normal with pain.  Which I was glad to hear.  She said it might take a couple days longer because of the size of it but that it would be good.  She made sure I knew that I could call her back at any point to discuss questions or problems.

I’m honestly just happy that at this point… it’s completely done (at least for now).  There isn’t anything else that I need to worry about.  I’m pretty home-free now.  The glue still has to work it’s way off and it will take the scab with it.  The stitches will dissolve, although I don’t really feel much of the stitches at this point.  The glue is itching a little now though!

Can you think of any questions that I haven’t answered through my experience that might be helpful for others?  Let me know!!



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