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Half Way Already?

Can you believe it is already the middle of October?  I most certainly can’t believe it!  This whole year really has flown by.  If you remember this post where I discussed my goals for this month– I want to follow-up at the halfway point (I don’t know that I will always do this… but this month I am).

Image result for pumpkin clip artVisit A Pumpkin Patch.  While a majority of the family did recently go to a local farm, I was at work.  So I still have to go!  I do have a full weekend off in a week or so.  So maybe then!

Image result for pumpkin clip artRead A Book!  I haven’t even begun yet!  Not even sure what I want to try to read.  Any suggestions?

Image result for pumpkin clip artDesign Erin Condren 2018 Planner Cover.  Uuuuummmmm.  I’ve been trying to take more photos for it but haven’t really done anything beyond that.  I really should begin to play with it so I can see what fits where and what I feel needs to be changed!

Image result for pumpkin clip artBake A Pie.  Next time I’m at work I’m going to look for a good recipe to print off.  I don’t do as well when I’m just using the computer screen.  I’m old fashioned and need the printed recipe.

Image result for pumpkin clip artCreate A Workout Plan.  Aside from a walking plan, I haven’t added any other exercise.  I’ve been struggling with even walking my planned distance.  I really suck at this!

Image result for pumpkin clip artDo 2 Storytime Posts.  I’m really struggling with what I want to discuss in a storytime.  I have so many ideas but I’m not sure how open I am prepared to be at this point.  I really am struggling with feeling a little vulnerable.

Image result for pumpkin clip artBuy 1 Christmas Present For Each Semi-Adult.  My surgery paycheck really puts a kink in this.  I still am hoping to get it started by the end of the month though!

Image result for pumpkin clip artResearch Crafts For Christmas Presents.  Yup…. I really should get on this one.  I haven’t even begun to research what I think I’m going to make everyone.

Image result for pumpkin clip artPut 5% Of Each Income Into Savings.  We actually can check this one off!  So far we have been doing okay with this.  Although, it can be a bit of a willpower test!  But we can do this!!  I know that we can!

So, I really have to push this last half of the month.  I really want to get most of this accomplished.  I refuse to let that much of my list go without being accomplished.

How are you doing with your monthly goals?



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