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The Haircut

Laura is in a really fun stage of adulthood.  One where she is developing her own identity even more.  Not that we have really prevented it before but I guess she feels freer.    What she did recently was really one of the more drastic.


Taken August 17, 2018

Laura had been discussing getting a haircut.  Because of how extreme it was going to be, she was going to wait until after prom.  Of course, things don’t typically go as planned.  This plan was no exception.  The reason makes for a whole other blog post (because young adulting is hard).  So we went to the salon to get her hair cut.


While we were waiting for it to be her turn, she almost chickened out.  She began discussing maybe just getting a trim.  I thought he might have some anxiety about it initially.  But I was really proud of her when she went through with it!

As soon as she was in the chair, she was nervous again.  She was asked if she wanted to donate her hair because she had the length.  We went ahead and had her prepare it.  She also bagged it and made sure it was safe.  But the first cut was really the hardest.  She literally almost cried.  After that, it was all downhill.

Before I share her after photos, I also want to tell you about a very nice guy who was scheduled after us.  This guy had kind of heard us visiting and had seen her before.  While she was getting her hair cut, this guy put in his headphones and played on his phone.  When the haircut was completed and Laura stood up she had seemed somewhat unsure.  This guy removed his headphones and he acknowledged what a big change it was.  But he told her it looked good on her.  The outer confirmation was just what she needed.  It was like she grew her confidence almost immediately.  He probably doesn’t know what he did… but I am thankful that was her first noticeable reaction!  🙂

I’m proud to present the after photos of Laura’s haircut!  I love the confidence she has just beaming from her face now….  img_1425

What was your most extreme haircut?  Or did you maybe just colored it in an extreme way?  Share your experience!!



9 thoughts on “The Haircut

  1. Oh she’s so cute! The haircut fits her perfectly. As someone who has a similar haircut to hers, she may become addicted to the hairstyle. I cut my hair all off a dozen years ago and I’ve never looked back (going more and more extreme). The nerves are normal as society wants us to think we are only beautiful with long hair. And she should be prepared for people to question her (is something wrong, what’s her sexuality one way or the other, girls shouldn’t have short hair, why did she do it, etc. etc.). But in the end it’s worth it and more people are going to like it than you think. But most importantly if she’s happy it doesn’t matter if everyone hates it, it’s how she feels about herself. And she looks pretty freaking happy. Congratulations to here.


    1. She is so very happy with it! She is much more self-confident than I’ve seen her in years. There was a second part to the story that I want to share eventually… but I wanted to wait until I put all my own thoughts together before I say anything about it. Just to be fair. Thanks for your positive comment! 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t imagine what it was like to have to go through cancer, let alone the fact that you have to go through major body image changes! I bet that it can be a bit anxiety provoking when you go to the hairdressers! Thank you for your comment! I love her haircut but the longer she has it, the more I get some negative feedback!

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