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I Wasn’t Ready!

Although we have been through a senior year and a graduation last year– this year is quite different.  You don’t know if you weren’t around prior to my re-launch but our oldest moved out of our house and into her mom’s house (because our rules were too much).  Then they all moved to another city.  Just after that, she moved out of everyone’s house.  So, her senior year was out of our hands.  However, since the second one in line is still living at home and still abiding by our rules– the senior ear is a little different!  You also add to that the difference between Shawn & I, we have 8 years between us.  So his first graduate happened at 42.  My first graduation is at 35.  My last graduate will be when I’m 39!!  Anyways back to today!

Let me be honest, I’ve been struggling with having a senior (of my own).  Most of my friends are very early in the parenting game.  Most don’t even have teenagers.  I’ve managed to keep it all in stride until I saw a wonderful packet come home.

We have about 6 months until graduation 2018!  It is time to order the big stuff.  The major thing marking the end.  You know– cap, gown, tassel, and announcements!  I survived her turning 18.  I survived doing a senior photo for the yearbook.  But this!  This is almost too much.  While many days, I feel like I’m counting down to when our personalities aren’t trapped within the same four walls… .I’m not really ready.  At all!!


The request has been made to which package is wanted.  It is like the massive package with so much stuff!!  I’ determined to celebrate her accomplishment.  I want her to have this even though it costs quite a bit.  I’m sure in a weird way that I’m actually just giving her the experiences I didn’t get.  As much as I’m not ready, because ready or not it will happen!

Now, I’m going to go hide for a little while!!



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