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Happy Halloween


Here we are… at the last day of October.  The day when we celebrate by going door to door to collect (mostly) candy.  The semi-adults are all getting to the point where they aren’t really going out to do any trick-or-treating (at least as far as I know).  The girls went to Halloween parties over the weekend– including hosting one of their own.  All the semi-adults will spend their day at school (high school and junior high).  Shawn will spend his day at work, although he will be getting off early.  I will be spending my day at work as well, but I will be off a couple hours early just because *someone* split some of my shifts this week.  So I don’t think there are any plans to do anything besides stay at home.

So, the best thing for me to do is to do my monthly update on my goals for October.  Although, I didn’t really make it very far with any of them after my mid-month check-in.  But let’s check in and see how well I did this month!

Image result for pumpkin clip artVisit A Pumpkin Patch!  I never did manage to make it to a pumpkin patch this year.  This is what always happens.  Honestly, I was working on the weekends and even the weekend I was off work it was just too busy!  I’m glad that the kids got to go have some pumpkin concrete before Halloween though!  Even if I didn’t get to go with them.

Image result for pumpkin clip artRead A Book!  I also never got around to this either.  Mostly because I refuse to buy a paperback book when I have my Kindle.  I spend many hours at work when I would be most likely to read (during the slow times).  But my previous manager didn’t allow for any kind of technology, even when there are no patients in the building.  So, I didn’t get any books read.  I think with our new manager, I will be able to read during our slow times.

Image result for pumpkin clip artDesign Erin Condren 2018 Planner Cover.  I’m going to be honest here– the last half of October was hard for me.  Mentally mostly.  So, the role that I was on with getting my photos taken.  Well, it ended abruptly.  I’m actually thinking that this year I will just probably go with a cover like I normally do and then toward the end of the year, I will throw together photos from 2018 to make the cover since it will be more “journal style” planning.

Image result for pumpkin clip artBake A Pie.  This goes back to the rough ending in October.  Because my mental health sometimes affects my physical health, I didn’t have time to do it all from scratch.  However, I’m hoping that I can carry this one over to November.  Because it is still baking season and I’m determined that I will make a comeback!  Because I always win!!

Image result for pumpkin clip art

Create A Workout Plan.  As it turns out… the weather turned very cold.  The cold is very hard on my pain levels.  So, as it turns out I didn’t even stick with my initial walking plan either.  I really have only been increasing my water intake (by a lot).  I’m still a little disappointed in myself for not at least sticking to a walking plan.

Image result for pumpkin clip artDo 2 Storytime Posts.  It seems that a lot of my failures seem to be going back to the fact that the end of October and my mental health.  As it turns out, I wasn’t in any condition to be that vulnerable.  So, I didn’t do my storytime posts.  Many of my storytime posts are very hard for me to relive on my best of days… let alone on the low days.  It can throw me dangerously into a downward spiral that I have trouble coming out of.

Image result for pumpkin clip artBuy 1 Christmas Present For Each Semi-Adult.  Ummm, it’s almost November and we haven’t even started to do our shopping.  We really just need to start in January if we want to ever stick to a plan.  😀  I’m still hoping that we can pull it together in November (as it’s the last few weeks before we have less money coming into the household).

Image result for pumpkin clip artResearch Crafts For Christmas Presents.  I really have a great idea for what I want to do for everyone… but because I don’t have control over who will drop by and read my blog (because I know that some family stop by at least occasionally– mostly just being nosy, not to just catch up) I don’t want to post what that idea is.  But I think I will enjoy it and I hope that the people who receive the presents will appreciate them as well!

Image result for pumpkin clip artPut 5% Of Each Income Into Savings.  We still have another paycheck (today) before this is completely finished.  But we will have succeeded in this.  Because the percent is so low… I really don’t feel like we “saved” a lot.  Which is kind of sad.  But we also have to maintain our household so I can’t increase that at this point.

Overall, yet again, I failed with most of my goals.  I have a few that I will be forwarding to November.  I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about October because I have so much going on in my head.  If I continue to punish myself for not meeting my goals, I will not be able to begin my incline back up.  I have to come back up… because I’m miserable being this down.  Even more so because I can’t just make myself come out of it.  What a way to end the month…

Hopefully, I have a better drive next month!




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