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30 Day Photo Challenge: Self Portrait


Day 1:  Self-portrait.


With today’s photo being a self-portrait, I was thinking today was a great day to do a wordy “self-portrait”.  Let’s jump right in!

By now, you know my name is Jessica.  I was born and (mostly) raised in Illinois.  My parents divorced when I was young.  I lived primarily with my mom but during the summer, I would spend a lot of time with my dad.  During my teenage years, I began my battle with anxiety.  This has manifest into battles with depression as well over the years.  At 16, I discovered I was pregnant.  One month from turning 17– I delivered a beautiful baby girl.  When I was 17, I married the father of my child(ren).  By 18, we all were moved to Germany (thanks to the Air Force).  Quickly thereafter, I graduated from high school and gave birth to a handsome baby boy!  Over the next few years, a lot happened.  These make for storytime posts at some point.  A couple years later, I had was pregnant again.  At 7 1/2 months pregnant we moved back to the states.  To Colorado to be exact.  Within weeks of finding a house, we met our last handsome baby boy.  Over the next couple years, a lot of things happened.  On my youngest son’s 2nd birthday, some of us went back to Illinois to start over.  My husband and I began our divorce.  Within a year, I was seeing someone seriously.  Shortly thereafter, I was married for the second time.  We lasted about a year.  The first (and only) time I was physically harmed, I was done!  I learned to act much quicker than I had with my first marriage.  I spent the new few years as a “single” mom.  I had a couple serious relationships in that time.  None of them panned out very well though.  I spent a year single while I worked on getting my life together.  When I met Shawn, things moved pretty quickly!  He moved into the house I was renting after about a month.  (The joke is always made that I told him I didn’t want him to leave so he didn’t.)  Then after several months, we finally found a house together in the city.  A few years later, we got married!

At the current time, I still battle with anxiety and depression.  Sometimes more so than other times!  Over the years in my first marriage, I developed PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  I also battle against several other chronic illnesses.  But I also have a husband who I adore.  Who supports me even when he doesn’t completely understand.  I have a large family which keeps me busy.  I have three fur-babies.  I also have a full-time job.  I often find myself wishing that I hadn’t been through quite so much crap.  But I also know that without the crap, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s photo and blog post!  If you want to participate, please leave your link down in the comments so I can go check out your photo challenge!

Header Image:  Kulinetto on Pixabay


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