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30 Day Photo Challenge

My initial plan for this month was going to be doing Blogvember.  But I’m going to change that just a little bit!  I’m going to do a mix of two challenges.

  • 30 Day Photo Challenge
  • 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

So, I will be posting something every day.  Most of my posts will probably be guided by whatever the photo challenge is that day.  I will also be adding in one thing that I’m grateful for everyday!  This should also help my mental health– remember the smaller good that is normally lost with the mental mess that is in my head!

I’m doing this challenge with Emma (from Emma’s Edit) as well as Angela (from Life of Angela).  If you have a moment, make sure you go check out those great bloggers as well!  They are a little bit ahead of me with their challenges.

Get ready— get set— GOOOOOOOO!!!!


If you choose to participate, please leave me a link so that I can go check out your photos!  I’m looking forward to tackling this challenge!


Header Image:  Kulinetto on Pixabay


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